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Moving Castle co-founder and character, Robokid returns unveiling “Fishing Lessons-” a dynamic, rolling labyrinth of soundscapes that bind together to create a single outline of pure genius. Despite the humorous title and cheeky track art, “Fishing Lessons” is innately intellectual, rousing the senses and demanding your attention. Walls of synth drip behind a righteously contrasting resonance. A sustained ebb and flow of frequencies dance carefree throughout, challenging the senses and ultimately creating a myriad of sounds that romantically meet in the middle of singularity and chaos. As the Moving Castle collective continues to grow and establish itself as one of the most notable boutique labels in the game, Robokid follows a similar pattern- always one step ahead of the curve. Get loose and get with “Fishing Lessons,” and be sure to explore the music video that coincides here



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Proving that electronic music is more than knobs and buttons, NYC's Plvtinum just released his edgy, electro-pop single "hung up on u." The single parallels his pop star branding with ease combining R&B, angsty lyricism, and experimental electronic production. Dynamic and striking, Plvtinum chops up the single's bridges while it seamlessly evaporates into his lush vocals, showcasing his dexterity for transitions. More of a character than a producer, this East Coast coquette is raising the bar for art in music. Plvtinum creates waves that are fiercely unfettering and embellished with early 2000s punk frequencies. A fine network of sounds, "hung up on u" is a sultry and fun piece worth replaying. 


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We were sent this song a week and a half ago and were instantly impressed. I didn’t realize at first that I already knew SHY Martin’s work, but now that I’ve done my research and also see that this new single is the third song on Spotify’s primary New Music Friday playlist this week, I’m certain she’s one to watch. This song is a perfect modern pop smash. Martin’s velvety, sensual vocals, which are processed just the right amount, sit perfectly above expertly crafted and mixed electropop production. What solidifies “Good Together” as a smash is the healthily saccharine hooks and Julia Michaels-esque melodies and lyrics. It’s not surprising the Swedish songwriter has already amassed more than one billion streams globally for her writing and featured artist appearances, which include everyone from The Chainsmokers and Kygo to Bebe Rexhe and Astrid S. You might also recognize her vocals from her massive 400 million stream hit with Mike Perry “The Ocean.” I’m a huge fan already, and I’m excited to see the waves she’ll continue making in the greater music community.

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I'll say this now - if I only had one band to listen to for the rest of my life it would probably be  RÜFÜS.  This Australian band is the complete package.  I find myself unable to prevent being uncool about it too, I mean I am a total nerd in their presence, and I completely fan girl out when I talk about them, and lets not even get started about live shows!  Swoon!  Even right now when I listen to their new track "You Were Right" I am dancing in my chair waving my arms around.  My dog is looking at me like I am nuts!  But that's just it,  I can't help it - they are so amazing, from their music down to the sweet guys that they are, any music enthusiast could not resist!  Oh .... and they are total babes!  The new  RÜFÜS track is so perfect - electro dance pop at it's best.  I'll be playing this one nonstop!