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I'll say this now - if I only had one band to listen to for the rest of my life it would probably be  RÜFÜS.  This Australian band is the complete package.  I find myself unable to prevent being uncool about it too, I mean I am a total nerd in their presence, and I completely fan girl out when I talk about them, and lets not even get started about live shows!  Swoon!  Even right now when I listen to their new track "You Were Right" I am dancing in my chair waving my arms around.  My dog is looking at me like I am nuts!  But that's just it,  I can't help it - they are so amazing, from their music down to the sweet guys that they are, any music enthusiast could not resist!  Oh .... and they are total babes!  The new  RÜFÜS track is so perfect - electro dance pop at it's best.  I'll be playing this one nonstop!