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“Treat You Better” by RÜFÜS DU SOL is one of my favorite side 01/track 01 jams ever. I know we really don’t have sides any more, but let’s just pretend we holding vinyl. So good! It’s energy and vibe is everything that’s amazing in the world. Lucky for us, our homie and Australian producer CASSIAN just delivered a delicious remix of said track and were swooning. This one is dance floor fire y’all!

Speaking of the dance floor - we have a show coming up with CASSIAN in San Francisco on May 17. It will be his debut headline live show at The Independent! Get ready for greatness - his life set is bananas good. Tickets are on sale now and you can grab them below. Hopefully I’ll see all you bay area peeps there!


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Happy release day RÜFÜS DU SOL! Today we get to experience SOLACE in its entirety, and I am happy to say that it’s every bit as amazing as we thought it would be. This Australian trio takes us through a sonic journey with synthy melodies and dreamy vocals for the most epic vibes … it’s like the best dream we’ve ever had. I chose to post “New Sky” because of the contagious dance beats and massive feels …. but really the whole album is amazing! If there is on thing you do today, it should be listening to this!



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Recently I had a conversation with a few music industry people about how we have a hard time understanding those who do not like music.  Because music is the soul reason many of us feel alive, it's hard to imagine people not being passionate about music ... you don't have to be into the exact same music I am ... but be passionate about something!  Then .... our favorite Aussie threesome drop this track late last night ... and I ask the same question ... how can you not feel anything when you listen to this ... because I feel EVERYTHING!  RÜFÜS's new single "No Place" IS everything! For years this band has touched my soul in every way, from their magical jams to their amazing friendship - there is definitely no place I'd rather be when I'm with RÜFÜS. Listen to this new track, and tell me you feel nothing, because it's just not possible! I can't wait for the new record!  



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Talk about one of the chillest, dopest matches made in heaven. The very distinctive and identifiable atmospheric indie dance we've come to know and love from our favorite Aussie friends RÜFÜS (or techinically RÜFÜS DU SOL here in the States) has gotten the Lane 8 deep house treatment, and it has been so ideal for my Wednesday workday. If you're in LA, you may have had a chance to see RÜFÜS DU SOL in August at the Snapchat-sponsored Twilight Concert Series at the Santa Monica Pier ;) 

This remix tho. 7 minutes in heaven, for real. The chillest of vibes. The uber-talented German Lane 8 has taken an already incredible track and made it somehow even more beautiful, calming and therapeutic. He's added rolling percussion and a gorgeous flowing lead line, creating the perfect backdrop for divine moments of elevated dance floor sensation. Stream it now and grab it as part of the Official "Innerbloom" Remix Package out October 21. Oh and don't forget RÜFÜS is on tour now, so check those dates out HERE to find out when they'll be in your city.


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I know - last week was tough!  We were all in Austin throwing this SXSW party, and really did not get to blog at all ..... super sad!!  However, we are almost fully recovered from our adventure into the southwest, and are back home in Cali to bring you the goods .... finally! Here's something kind of amazing! Our love for Aussie music has gone into overload this this one! Legendary producer What So Not remixed "Innerbloom" by our loved RÜFÜS and ..... I mean ..... hello! What So Not adds this bassy future sound to this electro house groove, and once again I am swooning! Get into this kids!


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It's the first of March - which means for us on the west coast, summer is just days away!  So, it's time to bring back our Top 5 Summer Jams for 2016  - where we feature an artist's voice on tracks they are listening to, making, or just loving - either way it's all things amazing! Our girl MOONZz is kicking things off which I could not be more happy about - she's been killing it lately and we love to show her love whenever we can! She has selected a very dreamy group of jams that would be chill on any summer's eve ... solid! Thanks MOONZz for setting the mood!   

MOONZz - Deja Vu
This song is just so close to me that I had to pick it.Through it all, I wrote this song that helped me cope and ultimately rise above a toxin in my life. Dejà Vu is a feeling I've felt before - the rawest form of heartbreak - and then happily haunting the one that hurt me most.

RÜFÜS - Say A Prayer For Me
I've been lucky enough to meet the talented trio & it's been the best feeling to hear how far they've come. Tyrone's voice is so raw and I've always loved that about their music.

Taylor McFerrin - Decisions (ft. Emily King)
Taylor's production is immaculate - he's easily one of my favorite producers, specifically on Brainfeeder. Beautiful pockets filled with percussive velvet. His collaboration with Nai Palm (of Haitus Kaiyote) is also one of my favorites. 

ZHU - In The Morning
Touch me in the morning speaks loud without saying much.

Tycho - Adrift
This song is straight gold. I listen to this almost everyday- driving around LA; refocusing, and seeing everything come to life. 


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I saw this pop up on my facebook feed last night, and I knew it was going up on BB as soon as I could today. Odesza X RÜFÜS is like the best combo I can think of. In typical Rüfüs fashion the guys keep it eclectic, somewhat atmospheric and chill, yet when the bass flows in two minutes later it just fits perfectly. This is another fantastic example of Rüfüs' uncanny ability to combine world ethnic sounds, groovy beats and smooth bass into electronic dance bliss. Oh by the way RÜFÜS and Odesza are heading out on tour to a city near you! Details can be found for Odesza here and RÜFÜS here


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Ahh another Tuesday, another exciting batch of new releases. We're going to start today off with our favorite Aussie trio Rüfüs Du Sol who have not only released another incredible single "Say A Prayer For Me" but has also announced the release of their new LP entitled "Bloom" due out January 22nd on Odesza's already impressive label Foreign Family Collective. "Say A Prayer For Me" will accompany "Like An Animal," and "You Were Wrong," on the LP both singles that have already gotten tons of airplay internationally this fall. With a full slate of tour dates ahead well, I think it's safe to say the guys are already taking 2016 by storm.