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It's the first of March - which means for us on the west coast, summer is just days away!  So, it's time to bring back our Top 5 Summer Jams for 2016  - where we feature an artist's voice on tracks they are listening to, making, or just loving - either way it's all things amazing! Our girl MOONZz is kicking things off which I could not be more happy about - she's been killing it lately and we love to show her love whenever we can! She has selected a very dreamy group of jams that would be chill on any summer's eve ... solid! Thanks MOONZz for setting the mood!   

MOONZz - Deja Vu
This song is just so close to me that I had to pick it.Through it all, I wrote this song that helped me cope and ultimately rise above a toxin in my life. Dejà Vu is a feeling I've felt before - the rawest form of heartbreak - and then happily haunting the one that hurt me most.

RÜFÜS - Say A Prayer For Me
I've been lucky enough to meet the talented trio & it's been the best feeling to hear how far they've come. Tyrone's voice is so raw and I've always loved that about their music.

Taylor McFerrin - Decisions (ft. Emily King)
Taylor's production is immaculate - he's easily one of my favorite producers, specifically on Brainfeeder. Beautiful pockets filled with percussive velvet. His collaboration with Nai Palm (of Haitus Kaiyote) is also one of my favorites. 

ZHU - In The Morning
Touch me in the morning speaks loud without saying much.

Tycho - Adrift
This song is straight gold. I listen to this almost everyday- driving around LA; refocusing, and seeing everything come to life.