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Electro-funk producer Late Night Radio is finishing up his 2018 with a bang. At the heels of his recently-released album Sunday, the future-funk producer returns with his official remix of Break Science’s “Anthemy Mason” featuring Brasstracks. A melting pot of funk, soul, hip-hop cadences, and nu-disco, the forces behind this “Anthemy Mason” remix are amongst the leading figures in organic electronic music. Balancing a bodacious beat with a wicked horn section, this remix pays tribute to the original single while simultaneously leaving listeners feeling refreshed by Late Night Radio’s unique take on funk. This syrupy remix is a wildfire of groove, setting the stage for what’s soon to be a fantastic 2019 for Late Night Radio- watch this space.

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Influenced by the likes of M83, Chairlift, RHYE, Miguel, and Gorillaz, LA-based indie electronic powerhouse Zhao returns with vibrancy per his latest single, “Car.” This full bodied joint fuses elements of alt-soul with a house-esque cadence, boasting a touch of disco on the nose. Radiant and distinguished, “Car” is flawlessly balanced, embodying the very definition of musical equilibrium. Satin vocals grace the club-like production with a neon glamour. Anchored by a deviating, yet constant synth that dances at the bottom layer of the track, this multifaceted anthem is saturated with a refreshing, artistic coalition. Both dance-floor-ready and introspective, “Car” is not one to miss. Stream Zhao’s latest on your favorite listening medium here.

“There’s a lot of dance tracks that coast along on a few phrases for imagery, but I wanted this to hit on something specific- like feeling responsible for the downfall of a relationship. A song where the person actually recognizes they fucked up, and knows the situation is irreparable. There’s no redemption in the end, the only consolation is the memory. We all carry moments like  this around with us, and music has always been an outlet for me to ruminate and daydream about myself, about things I’ve done, about what could have been.” -Zhao



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Bay Area super-babe, HEWAN drips gold in her latest single, “Dope,” the sophomore single from her forthcoming album Blossom. Likened to the iconic sounds of Lauryn Hill and Brandy, the genre blending siren takes femme-stitched, electro-R&B to new horizons. Her authenticity radiates soul and passion, bringing culture to American soul via her Ethiopian heritage. HEWAN is unfettered in “Dope,” illuminating her signature swagger and gallant attitude. Walking a delicate line between sensual and unyielding, “Dope” gives striking insight to the glory that will come to fruition as Blossom.



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2018’s most handsome collaboration goes to none other than Ekali and Medasin in their latest joint single, “Forever” featuring multi-instrumentalist super-babe, Elohim. Both Ekali and Medasin have undergone massive transitions in the last year- from an adored underground EDM scene, to playing festivals as prominent as Coachella and garnering support from Billboard Dance. Their synergistic, humble attitudes and hunger for innovation shine in “Forever,” allowing the track to stand as a prototype for their respective EDM sub-genres. Charming piano riffs delicately complement Elohim’s sultry, gritty psalms, while Ekali and Medasin manipulate a signature ebb and flow of experimental future-bass. This rousing piece is well-rounded, subtly  romantic, and riddled with enchantment. As Ekali and Medasin continue their pursuits in their solo careers, “Forever” will stand as a pillar for their careers as creators. This three-piece dynamic is unparalleled and unafraid- stay tuned for more from these revolutionary visionaries.

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Well here they are again. My dudes Brasstracks are back on the pages of BB. Conor and Ivan have continually left me in a great headspace with their sexy brand of electro soul. Their originals (check out "Good Love ft. Jay Prince") have been just as cool as their covers (listen to their "All Of the Lights Cover" with our Buzzzmix partner today Alexander Lewis) and there's no sign of slowing down. This new single featuring R&B Nigerian American duo VanJess is a slowed down house jam with a mysterious quality to it that should take you straight to the neon clouded skyline of Tokyo. The vocal melody in the second part of the choruses just floats upward with silky smooth precision that's almost equal parts haunting and relaxing. "I just want to be...your favorite" she sings...well I think this one may just be exactly that.  

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Lil Hank never ever let's me down .... but on the real ... his latest remix of "Life or Just Living" by Caveman is everything. I was recently hangin in LA with Lil Hank, he invited me to come check out the new Next Wave + Moving Castle offices/store front on Melrose and we spent all afternoon talking and cuddling, and I got to watch him do a photo shoot for new press photos, it was super fun. After meeting him I now 100% get what all the fuss is about - not only is he dropping the freshest jams, basically changing the music industry as the first doggo, but he's also so sweet and grateful just to be alive, greeting every person who walks through the door and instantly making friends. He's not afraid to be himself, sit on your lap, or pee on your couch. He even took a nap on Whethan's head while I was there, proving that he's down to collab with other artists any way he can. Such a dope dude, and deserves all the success. However, the music speaks for itself .... just listen to this new track and try to tell me you don't feel all kinds of sexy! Soaked in dank R&B vibes, this electro soul sound is what dreams are made of .... it's like he's able to tap into your feel good vibes with one lick on the face. Amazing! He recently debuted his first live sets at Coachella and in LA, and I can't wait to see what's next from everyone's favorite top industry dog!

You can also check out our Lil Hank Buzzzmix Vol. 30 from last year HERE!  


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In his latest release "Deleted Conversations", Cleveland's Teflon Sega weaves an intoxicating R&B saga into immersive electronic production that sweeps you up in emotion like a river that wont let go. Co-produced with WAJU, the track reflects on the emotional weight that infatuation and love force us to bear, exposed through electronic bits of texts that are forever erased with a simple swipe of a finger. Teflon and Waju's production lays out a soulful, captivating medium through which Teflon delivers a high caliber vocal performance that won me over immediately. For more amazing tracks check out Teflon Sega's soundcloud and follow on Spotify here


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Damn you guys, SXSW was absolutely nuts. It was an amazing experience - special thanks to all of the 83 fantastic acts that played. It was definitely an experience I'll never forget. It's been a rough week getting back into the swing of things and I definitely came down with a little sxsickness a couple days ago, but I'm on the other end of that now and getting back into the cut. Just got sent over this new track from Jacob Banks and it was too good to resist. It's brimming with gospel soul and enough electronic beef to make you wet your pants. This track is just a whole lotta yumm and I'm screaming Jacob PREACH! Add this to your fave spotify playlist here


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New to the blog today is Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, producer and instrumentalist Josh Jacobson (that’s right he does it all). ‘Polaroids’ is the soulful first single from his forthcoming debut EP First Light. Over the last few months, Josh has cemented his place as a pioneer of the genre of 'future soul' with a string of acclaimed releases that blend forward-thinking electronic production with soulful vocals and live instrumentation. His cover of Little Dragon’s ‘Twice’ showcased his versatility in both creating unique and interesting soundscapes and smoothly crooning overtop of them. 

On ‘Polaroids’ he weaves emotional R&B vocal lines in and out of pulsating synths, trap hi-hats and echoing toms. Lyrically, he takes the listener through a story of faded memories, moments lost in time and a continual search for meaning. This single hints at the the emotional storm the much-anticipated First Light is sure to be! Stream it on Spotify here.