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2018’s most handsome collaboration goes to none other than Ekali and Medasin in their latest joint single, “Forever” featuring multi-instrumentalist super-babe, Elohim. Both Ekali and Medasin have undergone massive transitions in the last year- from an adored underground EDM scene, to playing festivals as prominent as Coachella and garnering support from Billboard Dance. Their synergistic, humble attitudes and hunger for innovation shine in “Forever,” allowing the track to stand as a prototype for their respective EDM sub-genres. Charming piano riffs delicately complement Elohim’s sultry, gritty psalms, while Ekali and Medasin manipulate a signature ebb and flow of experimental future-bass. This rousing piece is well-rounded, subtly  romantic, and riddled with enchantment. As Ekali and Medasin continue their pursuits in their solo careers, “Forever” will stand as a pillar for their careers as creators. This three-piece dynamic is unparalleled and unafraid- stay tuned for more from these revolutionary visionaries.

Disclosure: Medasin is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Hunter Thompson