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Artistic, inspired, and seductively allusive, Brazil’s fearless electronic producer Marcioz is back with a brooding remix of Björk’s 2001 single, “Sun in My Mouth.” Rewiring the digital princess is no easy feat, but Marcioz’ inventive aesthetic frames him as the prototype curtain call for flipping Björk. Sensually spooky, Marcioz stays true to the legendary songstress while simultaneously tattooing his algorithmic, electro-production onto her fairytale-esque aura. A vast, microcosmic world of its own is built around calculated instrumentation and true artistry in this flip. Both rustic and futuristic, Marcioz’ signature vision is coming to fruition with ease and innovation- watch this space.

"When I first heard Sun in My Mouth, I immediately thought about adding my style into the piece. I first heard it when I was walking and hearing Vesperatine (which would later become my favorite album). I only heard the beginning of it, because I only wanted to hear it fully once I finished working on my version of the composition. I personally really liked the ending result and thought it was a good way to make a subtle comeback to electronic music composition, but without taking an obvious path towards any genre." - Marcioz