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New to the blog today is Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, producer and instrumentalist Josh Jacobson (that’s right he does it all). ‘Polaroids’ is the soulful first single from his forthcoming debut EP First Light. Over the last few months, Josh has cemented his place as a pioneer of the genre of 'future soul' with a string of acclaimed releases that blend forward-thinking electronic production with soulful vocals and live instrumentation. His cover of Little Dragon’s ‘Twice’ showcased his versatility in both creating unique and interesting soundscapes and smoothly crooning overtop of them. 

On ‘Polaroids’ he weaves emotional R&B vocal lines in and out of pulsating synths, trap hi-hats and echoing toms. Lyrically, he takes the listener through a story of faded memories, moments lost in time and a continual search for meaning. This single hints at the the emotional storm the much-anticipated First Light is sure to be! Stream it on Spotify here.