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Lemme tell you about this dude JOHN.k who's pretty fresh on the scene, but definitely poised to make a quick and exciting rise. His first record "Runnin'" hit New Music Friday on Spotify and had some pretty major blog support launching him to immediate contender status. Next comes this rad tune "GOLD" with Latin Grammy winning producer Ricky Remedy. The story goes that Ricky spent years trying to find just the right vocalist to turn this track past silver. JOHN.k heard Ricky was working nearby and decided to  show up at his studio one day unannounced ready to work. Lucky for us they struck a quick relationship and thus "Gold" was born. With JOHN.k's beastly range and incredible falsetto matching up with Ricky's signature synthwork what more could we ask for?


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Diplo's label, Mad Decent, is more than boat bangers and block parties. The label extends its search for talent all over the world. One Mad Decent DJ/producer, Big Fish, who has gone platinum 6 times, basically runs the entire Urban-Italian hip-hop and dance scene. This acclaimed, demanding producer just dropped a collaborative track, "Bullet In The Air" with David Blank showcasing his captivating vocals. The song takes off with a simple, rolling beat, giving attention to Blank's modern soul lyricism, warming you up for the eclectic masterpiece that it is. While the intro is slow, comparative to the entirety of the track, the first build up is rapid, only to premiere a drop that actually rises with vibrant confidence. It's like old-school soul had baby with modern disco and then told its girlfriend to get lost. Big Fish continues to prove himself as a pioneer not only with this track, but his entire career. See it for yourself via Soundcloud and Spotify.


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Back in December, we introduced you to Emmit Fenn, the Los Angeles-based artist who writes, produces, and sings darkly-tinged post-EDM genre-bending music. He demonstrates a solid grasp on various production styles including pop, hip hop, and future bass. His delicate voice also contrasts effortlessly with the highly dynamic elements of his production. On his latest track “Modern Flame”, which features the incredible Yuna, he's found himself the perfect duet partner for his first collab. The Malaysian songstress’ silky smooth pop/R&B vocals provide a similar understated topline to Fenn’s, which together strike the perfect balance with the track’s production. Listeners like me are definitely eager to see what other collaborations Fenn has coming next!


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New to the blog today is Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, producer and instrumentalist Josh Jacobson (that’s right he does it all). ‘Polaroids’ is the soulful first single from his forthcoming debut EP First Light. Over the last few months, Josh has cemented his place as a pioneer of the genre of 'future soul' with a string of acclaimed releases that blend forward-thinking electronic production with soulful vocals and live instrumentation. His cover of Little Dragon’s ‘Twice’ showcased his versatility in both creating unique and interesting soundscapes and smoothly crooning overtop of them. 

On ‘Polaroids’ he weaves emotional R&B vocal lines in and out of pulsating synths, trap hi-hats and echoing toms. Lyrically, he takes the listener through a story of faded memories, moments lost in time and a continual search for meaning. This single hints at the the emotional storm the much-anticipated First Light is sure to be! Stream it on Spotify here.


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R&B may not be my favorite type of music, but there's something to be said for the way it can really set a mood, tug at emotions, and get you feeling some kinda way. Vanessa Elisha is not only the homie (we got late night Mexican food once) but she is also one of the hottest artists coming out of Australia right now that isn't a future bass producer or indie pop/dance group. Her brand of Alt/Future R&B can be seen in the form of massive collaborations with a slew of incredible producers from XXYYXX to Ekali. This cover of the legendary Missy Elliott and Ginuwine's "Friendly Skies" is as close to perfection as you can get for a 2016 tribute to this 1997 classic from Missy's debut album Supa Dupa Fly. The complete rework of the production is so fresh, and her signature vocal delivery doesn't just tug at the heartstrings, it melts them. This comes ahead of her long-awaited debut EP, "It's a Day and Night Thing" due in November, which will boast production from Sweater Beats, Different Sleep, XXYXX and others, and is bound to be a breakout piece of work for Vanessa. 


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Here's something delicious and all sparkly and new that I think y'all will love! This Tampa born LA livin' youngster Cade has won me over with his debut EP Care featuring this track "Escape." This singer/songwriter/producer hands us a fantastic electro-pop dance floor ready groove with funky beats and soulful vocals that could give the Biebs a run for his money. Oh yea he's 19 and makes me feel like a dirty old lady because he's so so dreamy! Swoon! The Care EP is available now via Spinnin' Records and you can swoop that bad boy HERE!