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I know we are all counting down the hours to get us some of that Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow night ... but before we stuff our faces and celebrate being thankful to do so, we need to have some sexy time .... and Medasin is bring all the sexy time with this new track! His remix of "Will He" by Joji is dripping with vibes, it's straight sex on a plate! His easy going R&B sound under slow sultry future beats and soulful vocals ... it's impossible to not love this one! All the feels! 

Disclosure: Medasin is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz legend Hunter Thompson. 



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Lemme tell you about this dude JOHN.k who's pretty fresh on the scene, but definitely poised to make a quick and exciting rise. His first record "Runnin'" hit New Music Friday on Spotify and had some pretty major blog support launching him to immediate contender status. Next comes this rad tune "GOLD" with Latin Grammy winning producer Ricky Remedy. The story goes that Ricky spent years trying to find just the right vocalist to turn this track past silver. JOHN.k heard Ricky was working nearby and decided to  show up at his studio one day unannounced ready to work. Lucky for us they struck a quick relationship and thus "Gold" was born. With JOHN.k's beastly range and incredible falsetto matching up with Ricky's signature synthwork what more could we ask for?


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Dude this new one from RKCB is just bonkers in a good way. It starts with a fat horn synth sound that just blasts away immediately with a funky bass line underneath that sweeps you off your feet from the second you hit play. By the time the vocals come in you're immediately in a tense form of anticipation wondering where the hell else is this track going?? It maintains this precarious equilibrium of funky bliss throughout with smatterings of shiny pads and glitchy patches flashing in and out. We at BB were already fans of RKCB, but new tracks like this remind us why. Add this on Spotify here.  


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Some songs grab you on the first listen and others take time to grow on you. For me, this new one by Phiilo definitely falls into the former category, and I’m excited to get to premiere it for you today. The Denver-based live electronic duo is starting to see some tangible success so far in the form of a recent sold-out show supporting Viceroy, a release with MrSuicideSheep that landed on the Spotify Viral charts, and upcoming releases via PRMD Records. 

Their latest “Keep On” is an uplifting soulful future bass groove with all original instrumentation and vocals. The soundscape created isn’t dissimilar from other live electronic acts killing the game now such as Lostboycrow, Opia, or Autograf. Jonny William’s soft weathered vocal trades the spotlight with funky guitar licks, thick synth chords, snappy percussion, and an array of other lush production elements courtesy of Nick Carruth. I’m bumping this one on repeat and I think you will be too after the first play through.


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Ashdown has given us another special record in "Looking Back." The record is a buttery fusion of soul and attitude. His narrative song-writing style will attract audiences as it pairs with a deep and mellowed bass. The track is subtle and not overbearing while remaining emotionally impactful. According to the artist, "I think this track maybe has a bit more attitude to it then my other music. This song in general terms is about how not knowing something or forgetting about something can be a good thing. I hope this is something that comes through in the lyrics.” - Ashdown You can swoop this track for free right here.


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San Diego based future-R&B queen, Lenis, just released her debut single, "Told Him." Although she is new to the scene, her music is far from novice. This rhythm and blues super-babe is rapidly launching into success with her freshman track. Embellished with girl power and feminine liberation, "Told Him" is a lyrical treasure laced with wistful, bubbly production. More of a pulse than a beat, Lenis' single is layered with confidence, sensuality and effervescent lyricism. Lenis possesses a voice that encompasses the sound of champagne bubbles- intoxicating, stimulating, striking. This unfettered, irresistible queen is holding down the fort for industry females and consumers alike. And to all the boys- her fierce, seductive force is tailor made for you too. But for those of you who can't handle her wit, as she so modestly confesses in her new track, "this beauty queen ain't got none for ya lame ass." Jump on the Lenis bandwagon now and watch her blossom into the limelight- stream "Told Him" on Soundcloud or Spotify now.  


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We've been waiting to talk about this track for a minute y'all! Our loves over at Next Wave Records keep killing it - just the other day I was over at their new offices + storefront on Melrose in Los Angeles checking out the new space and doing hangs with them and the Moving Castle crew ... and wow ... what an exciting time for these young industry buffs to be making moves. "Drunk ft. Reece" by Canadian legend Robotaki is everything! This young producer crushed our SXSW show in Austin a few weeks back, and now his track is doing the same! So many soulful future feels here ... and Reece's vocals and words are heartbreaking in all the right ways. I'm swooning! Robotaki has raised the bar. 

Disclosure: Robotaki is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh + Alli Lindsey


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I'm sure we'll all be talking about our SXSW party this year for the next few weeks, because I mean, it was pretty fuckin' epic! Joining the BB fam at Get Buzzzed was yung Medasin, a delicious rising producer who we are getting all emotional over these days. With all the industry buzz behind him, Medasin is making moves and slaying sets, and he crushed his time on my SXSW stage. With a packed stage of Moving Castle artists and an overflowing venue, Medasin dropped one siiick track after another to a rowdy crowd ... trap arms for days! His sexy soulful vibe mixed with all the future feels is everything ... we pretty much swoon over Medasin. His new remix of "Scared To Be Lonely ft. Dua Lipa" by Martin Garrix is tite - I suggest getting into this immediately!  


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One of the great debates in the music blogging world (at least in my world) this past Friday was which Lido remix do we pick to feature? I mean, there are so many and they are all so good ... just one of the many struggles a girl with a blog goes through. Mossy. won me over after listening, his smooth clean sound left me feeling some kind of way. Last month we premiered this Los Angeles producer's first release, so makes since we back it up with now featuring his delicious remix of "Dye" and I'm telling you - it's brilliant. Lucky for us, we get to watch this young producer come alive, I'll definitely be with him every step of the way.