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San Diego based future-R&B queen, Lenis, just released her debut single, "Told Him." Although she is new to the scene, her music is far from novice. This rhythm and blues super-babe is rapidly launching into success with her freshman track. Embellished with girl power and feminine liberation, "Told Him" is a lyrical treasure laced with wistful, bubbly production. More of a pulse than a beat, Lenis' single is layered with confidence, sensuality and effervescent lyricism. Lenis possesses a voice that encompasses the sound of champagne bubbles- intoxicating, stimulating, striking. This unfettered, irresistible queen is holding down the fort for industry females and consumers alike. And to all the boys- her fierce, seductive force is tailor made for you too. But for those of you who can't handle her wit, as she so modestly confesses in her new track, "this beauty queen ain't got none for ya lame ass." Jump on the Lenis bandwagon now and watch her blossom into the limelight- stream "Told Him" on Soundcloud or Spotify now.