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Championing the new age of electro-soul and R&B, Nashville’s own R.LUM.R delivers a breath of fresh air with his latest offering, “How This Feels.” An immersive cut dipped in soulful songwriting and looming melodies, R.LUM.R solidifies himself as an authentic visionary. Dripping in profound psalms, “How This Feels” is a righteously unnerving outline that prompts contemplation. Musically sincere and easily embraced, the Nashville creator strikes chords beyond those which make up this track’s very DNA. Lose yourself in the enlightening musings of R.LUM.R via “How This Feels.”



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Having only been added to the Moving Castle Collective in March of this year, French producer/musician Astre has since seen waves of success, support, and synchronicity. His original track, "Shades" featuring rapper Kevin Blu released a mere 4 months ago; after well-received feedback from critics and music fans alike, Astre is passing along the track to various producers, musicians, and DJ's to allow their taste to re-shape and capitalize on the original. This particular remix comes from Pacific Northwest producer,  Metsa and LA-based Madnap. The collaborative treatment is a down-tempo, charming piece with Eastern-world aromas that serve to emphasize Kevin Blu's accented rhymes. Intentionally more Lo-Fi than the OG single, this duo's flip yields a vintage expulsion while remaining true to the original notes. Its glitchy interludes are carefully placed and layered, heeding a head-nodding, introspective energy that sticks to each space later coming to fruition in the form of an elctro-R&B vision. This twosome tackled their flip with grace and confidence- a track to be revered and respect. Volume up. 



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For the unawares, Rusty Hook, aside from his contribution to the Slow Hours project, has been lurking around SoundCloud racking up millions of plays and drawing off the oldest heads on the platform. He has been building his cv and biding his time, but now he is ready to release his first original project, Romance is Dead, Good Riddance. The first single of the compilation, ‘Relief’, features smooth and colorful vocals from brother-sister duo Truitt. Rusty Hook’s production on the track blends R&B with electronic, leaving a lasting impression. Combined with the sultry lyrical delivery of Truitt, the track truly shines.

Disclosure: Rusty Hook is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh + Alli Lindsey



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I've always had a soft spot for Trey Songz, but most days in the form of a guilty pleasure and in the privacy of a pair of earbuds. Boston producer Mozado takes Trey Songz' new ballad "Nobody Else But You" in a way that keeps the emotion but retools the track for a more social environment. After elevating the bassline and layering in more dance friendly elements, Mozado's remix takes on a new energy without losing its mellow balance. Grab your free download of the remix here!


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San Diego based future-R&B queen, Lenis, just released her debut single, "Told Him." Although she is new to the scene, her music is far from novice. This rhythm and blues super-babe is rapidly launching into success with her freshman track. Embellished with girl power and feminine liberation, "Told Him" is a lyrical treasure laced with wistful, bubbly production. More of a pulse than a beat, Lenis' single is layered with confidence, sensuality and effervescent lyricism. Lenis possesses a voice that encompasses the sound of champagne bubbles- intoxicating, stimulating, striking. This unfettered, irresistible queen is holding down the fort for industry females and consumers alike. And to all the boys- her fierce, seductive force is tailor made for you too. But for those of you who can't handle her wit, as she so modestly confesses in her new track, "this beauty queen ain't got none for ya lame ass." Jump on the Lenis bandwagon now and watch her blossom into the limelight- stream "Told Him" on Soundcloud or Spotify now.  


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This winter season has already brought us some really dope tracks, and this bone chilling mellow R&B tune from Teflon Sega is 100% tapping my wintery mood. The layers of dreamy pads, longing piano and Teflon Sega's mesmerizing falsetto vocals have put me in a introspective cloud as I'm currently helping to prep our Beautiful Buzzz year in review. SAINt JHN throws down a wistful verse halfway through and leads us into the misty exit. I don't have much to tell you about Teflon Sega at this point other than that I also really enjoyed his first release "Sinner" as well. Relatively new to the scene if he keeps tracks like this coming you'll definitely be hearing more on our pages from this camp. 


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After so many floor shakin tracks, producer ye. switches it up with a laid back remix of Konstantin's "Release Yourself" ft Ayla Shatz. In the past few months ye. has distinguished himself as one of the more notable new producers in the buildup to 2017, and this latest remix keeps the course while continuing to diversify his discography along the way. Prolific in his releases, but always just diverse enough to stay fresh, ye. is one of those artists everyone should be listening to, so make sure to check out what else he has out. You can listen to more from Konstantin as well here.

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VALENTINE is one of those producers that I feel firmly confident labeling as “forward-thinking” and this remix is evidence enough. A little while back we shared his raw melodic bass take on Kid Froopy’s “bb (four missed texts)” for Moving Castle and his interpretation of OWSLA signee BASECAMP’s “In Stone” is just as refreshing. He’s taken the haunting original in a new direction with a hefty dose of bass, percussion, and assortment of edgy and shiny synths. If you’ve missed this one, you’re really missing out.