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We're showing some serious Canadian love today with this amazing new rework from our boy Pat Lok! Fitting timing too because he's completely revitalized and re-done Justin Beiber's "Love Yourself" on this the Bieb's birthday! But we won't throw too much love JB's way for this one, because Pat didn't use any of JB's vocals instead using the pipes of After Romeo. Sounds pretty similar to me that's why I definitely wanted to point that out. Lets get to the track. The beginning makes me chuckle with a harpsichord intro that sets the fun tone of this cover. We're treated with 90's style drumming reminiscent of name your favorite boy band, and yet Pat keeps it modern with vocal chops, and deep bass. This was a treat for us to premiere and you can catch Pat on tour this spring AND (I'm gonna go ahead and leak this now) you can see him at our #GetBuzzzed Austin showcase March 16-19! If you're heading to Austin for SXSW you can RSVP for our event here