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Pat Lok just unveiled his new Corazón EP, out now via French powerhouse Kitsuné Musique. The Vancouver native's Corazón EP is both fiction and cautionary tale, metaphor and lament - revolving around a relationship that takes place over only 36 hours. In the larger sense, Corazon is about something we each deal with in varying levels and how we treat ourselves and each other in a time of 'instant everything'. We all desperately want real connections but maybe aren't so sure how to go about them building them. Sometimes these intense, rapid encounters occur naturally - but sometimes they are just illusions we've built up in our minds from clicking 'Like' on a few posts or exchanging a few messages. Listen to the illustrious “Fearless” featuring Luke Burr, and explore the moving 7-track effort today.



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Our homie Pat Lok never disappoints - he manages to deliver nothing but super sweet disco fabulous tracks all the time to brighten up our days! His latest remix of "Stonecold ft. Sacha Vee" by Wantigga is a smooth sounding deep disco pop house groove that has got us feeling some kind of way! However, what I am most excited about is that Pat Lok has been added to our Le Youth show next weekend in San Francisco! He'll be throwing hot tracks along with Ghosts Of Venice and Futurewife for a fun filled night of total bootay shakin' dance moves! Psyched! Limited advance tickets are still available - grab them ASAP!  


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Oooohhh our boy Pat Lok is back with another superbly smooth single of house laden goodness. Pat never seems to disappoint and we can chalk another W into his record with "You Street." True to form this track is bright and shimmery with bobbing synthwork, groovy bass and even what sounds to me like a sporadic breath inhale. The track goes down smoother than an ocean breeze and will keep you feeling relaxed this Sunday. If you're on the east coast be sure to catch Pat with a couple of May dates in Philly and Brooklyn on the 5th and 7th. Grab the deets here.

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We are super excited to welcome our new homies Closed Sessions out of DC and NYC to our SXSW 2016 party GET BUZZZED! Closed Sessions are kinda killing the independent live game in their city, and this new friendship has got us feeling some kind of way!  Together we have stacked a bill for your Saturday in Austin that's full of the freshest future bass and hip-hop feels .... this is such fire! Remember to RSVP for entry! 


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Whoop whoop we're only 10 days away from our Get Buzzzed Austin 2016 Showcase!! If you haven't RSVP'd yet what are you waiting for? RSVP HERE! In anticipation for this epic event we want you to get to know a few of our fantastic artists. Without further ado we present


Q1. How old were you when you first started making music? When did it become serious?

I started piano when I was little, then I got bored of classical music and quit. Making music became more serious to me after winning this remix competition for DFA Records with my friend Cyclist, it sort of showed me that people might actually like what I wrote! 

Q2. Whether it’s a remix or an original what is the first step you take when writing a track?

Usually chords, for me songs are all about finding or writing interesting, inspiring chords. A lot of the biggest hits use the same chord progressions though so maybe that's what's holding me back from a #1!

Q3. What is one of the best moments so far in your musical journey?

Whenever you accomplish your vision for a song, that's a satisfying moment that stays with you. Externally, hearing my music get played on BBC Radio 1 - as someone who came up obsessed with the Essential Mix it's a very surreal and fulfilling feeling.

Q4. What is another BUZZZworthy artist that inspires you and why?

I'm a big fan of Jarreau Vandal, a Dutch producer with Soulection who mixes hip hop and house influences with trap, grime and even Brazilian soul. I remixed a single of his recently, Nobody Else, but the original was really so unique it was a treat to try and do it justice.

Q5. Of all of your releases, which one is your favorite and why?

My favorite is so far is the next one I'll be dropping :) But since that's not out yet... Probably this one. Surprised?


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We're showing some serious Canadian love today with this amazing new rework from our boy Pat Lok! Fitting timing too because he's completely revitalized and re-done Justin Beiber's "Love Yourself" on this the Bieb's birthday! But we won't throw too much love JB's way for this one, because Pat didn't use any of JB's vocals instead using the pipes of After Romeo. Sounds pretty similar to me that's why I definitely wanted to point that out. Lets get to the track. The beginning makes me chuckle with a harpsichord intro that sets the fun tone of this cover. We're treated with 90's style drumming reminiscent of name your favorite boy band, and yet Pat keeps it modern with vocal chops, and deep bass. This was a treat for us to premiere and you can catch Pat on tour this spring AND (I'm gonna go ahead and leak this now) you can see him at our #GetBuzzzed Austin showcase March 16-19! If you're heading to Austin for SXSW you can RSVP for our event here


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This next premiere is filled with all the homie love! Rambo V has been filling our ears with marvelous jams for sometime now, and this Los Angeles producer makes all the right moves when it comes to finding the key to our heart with his tropical house vibes. Additionally, Pat Lok is one of our very besties - he's a big part of our BB fam and has delivered some of our favorite tracks over the past few years. So, when I was asked to premiere this Rambo V remix of "Your Lips" by Pat Lok, I could not dare pass this one up! Rambo V puts his smoothe SoCal sunset sound all over this bad boy ... it has me longing for lazy summertime  afternoons with all the homies and all the feels! Grab your headphones and warm yourself up with this one kids! 


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What a great way to start my day! Pat Lok has been absolutely destroying it recently putting out gems with every track. Today he's given us an incredible remix of Jarreau Vandal's single "Nobody Else" featuring the lovely Niya Wells, and our favorite horny duo Brasstracks. True to form, Pat gives us a smokescreen of chill with atmospheric jazzy chords behind Niya's messed with vocals in the beginning leading us towards the chorus. With a breakdown of epicly groovy proportions, he samples in the Brasstracks horns with the vocal chops and synths with ease. This track is so funky and smooth, but I might say the outro is also worth mentioning. Pat lays down an incredible filtered piano line at the end that makes us feel like we're at home in a speakeasy lounge with a martini in hand. Phew so good you can get this track as a free DL here.

Disclosure: Brasstracks is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh + Alli Lindsey

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One thing I have always said is that I am definitely not a music journalist!  Beautiful Buzzz was created as an outlet where I can tell my friends about all the great music I come across - and over the past few years we've grown into a fun place where people can find new tracks and listen to my stories! This Best Of 2015 list is personal; it's a combination of tracks I loved and great moments I had working with the artists over the past year - whether it was through the blog, at one of my Beautiful Buzzz shows, or just a night out on the town!!  Enjoy!!    

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