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Alright my 80’s industrial dark dance vibes music babies … we got the good good for ya! The legend Gesaffelstein once again has … out of no where … dropped a new EP Novo Sonic System. Surprise! This one starts off strong and keeps you chair dancing at your desk for the full 16 minute 6 song record …. swoon! “Dance X” has that grimy 80’s electro flavor that will make you feel as if your zipping through TRON on your neon glowing bike. Rad. I LOVE THIS! Listen to the entire EP HERE!



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I’m always down for a good Justice remix … how can you not love every song those Frenchies have graced us with. Also, the fact that it’s yung Justice Skolnik putting his spin on “D.A.N.C.E.” makes this track all the better! Justice doing Justice …. oh yeaaaaa! This Bay Area producer has been killing it with one phat track after another, and this funky electro remix is a little bit dark, and a little bit sweet, and 100% rad! It’s Monday, the day is almost over, and this is a perfect time to have a dance party! Grab a free download HERE!

Disclaimer: Justice Skolnik is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Hunter Thompson

K?D - A.I.

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Hold on to your hats y'all - this new K?d track is fucking fierce! As if we didn't already know ... but come on yo! The phrase "going in" is what instantly comes to mind. Our yung friend delivers a fantastic ominous track with all the dark electro vibes you could ever need.  Once again K?d sets the bar with "A.I." and I don't see things slowing down. K?d embarks on his debut headline tour this fall - we'll definitely be hitting a few of these dates! Check HERE to see if he's in your city and swoop some tickets! You can stream/download this bad boy HERE!

Disclosure: k?d is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz legend Hunter Thompson.



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Ok so .... it's Sunday and I'm up early ... and I came across this track just now and WOW swoon! Then I listened to some of the other tracks this Seattle based producer has been dropping over the past few weeks, and again WOW swoon. Who's Luxx. tho? Don't know ... because I can't find any info on the kid! What I really hope is that Luxx. is some young girl who's been tucked away in her bedroom making rad future bass and deep electro tracks like "Tide Pools." since she was like 14 and really just wants to be taken seriously like one of the guys. Maybe I'm wrong about that ... but it would be a nice surprise. Luxx. seems like my kind of people tho, from what I gather he/she has a slight Flume obsession like myself, I can vibe with that! So yea .... who are you Luxx.?



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Pretty sure Rezz is crushing harder than anyone right now! She's been dropping a new track every week from her forthcoming full length album Mass Manipulation out on AUG 04 via mau5trap. With her undeniable signature sound, Rezz has been giving all the boys a run for their money. This most recent track "Drugs" with fellow Canadian producer 13 mixes her dark electro and somewhat sinister techno sound with some wobbly dub flavor for what I would call .... FIRE! You guys can grab a pre-order of that new album HERE


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I'm all abut the vibes today!  It's Friday and this week has been rough ... I'm really looking forward to doing a whole bunch of nothing for the next few days. Maybe we could all use a little cuddle therapy ... am I right? I digress, I'm feeling these electro R&B vibes riiiiight here with a new track "Press Play and Escape" from Teflon Sega. This up-and-coming artist has got that sweet jams thing happening with sexy future feels and soulful vocals - this is the definition of vibey! You guys can grab a free download HERE!


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No better way to start off a Monday morning than with a premiere of a super chill jam filled with all the feels! This fresh duo just nailed it! Los Angeles producer and vocalist jy and Los Angeles songstress tribes. just dropped a bitter sweet electro R&B fused track "Release Me." With intimate vocals and ethereal future beats, "Release Me" is an emotional love song that has us feeling a bit sad but loving the vibe! You can stream on Spotify HERE! Get into this one kids!    


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Sometimes your just in the mood for some dark electro pop vibes .... and today I am starting off my day with this dreamy crooner Donny. He just released a new single "Growing Pains" that's a fantastic R&B infused pop track everyone should get into. With it's moody melodies and voluptuous vocals, Donny gives us a sad break-up love song that seems like it comes straight from a 1930's mystery movie with a modern twist. Loving this! 


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I mean .... we already know ZHU crushed all our lives a few years ago. Now he's like ... oh, let me crush you again by remixing"Bad and Boujee" by Migos - dropping this siiiick ass track like it don't mean a thing! BOOM! This one is dripping with that light electro sass we love from ZHU with all the hip-hop dance flavor from Migos - together it's perfection! Go on, legends!