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Ok so .... it's Sunday and I'm up early ... and I came across this track just now and WOW swoon! Then I listened to some of the other tracks this Seattle based producer has been dropping over the past few weeks, and again WOW swoon. Who's Luxx. tho? Don't know ... because I can't find any info on the kid! What I really hope is that Luxx. is some young girl who's been tucked away in her bedroom making rad future bass and deep electro tracks like "Tide Pools." since she was like 14 and really just wants to be taken seriously like one of the guys. Maybe I'm wrong about that ... but it would be a nice surprise. Luxx. seems like my kind of people tho, from what I gather he/she has a slight Flume obsession like myself, I can vibe with that! So yea .... who are you Luxx.?