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Atlanta-native and currently LA-based artist Unlike Pluto has entered the spotlight with his pop-rock, grungy new single “Late Bloomer.” What makes this release so unique is that it is actually a 2-sided track, with another track titled “I Tried Getting High” that exhibits just the same wonderful qualities as his title song. But what also makes his latest so unique is that it is Unlike Pluto's own vocal talents that are on full display, despite his chronic nasal issues. After one listen, you can’t really help but wonder “how much better could his voice get without that set back, and why haven't we been seeing this incredible talent more often?”

That talent only affirms this guy’s creative versatility. Not only does he have a striking vox, but he also happens to be quite the skilled producer- for those who are unfamiliar with his previous works. “Late Bloomer” lays down proof of this through the multi-gifted artist’s clean, crisp and innovative production. Comprising a classical background in piano, which he picked up at the age of 5, drums and clarinet, plus an insatiable passion for electronic music, he has been able to find the quintessential middle ground that defines his musical brand, of which is exposed through these two flawless releases.