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Once upon a time ya boy went to a sacred place called the good ole Hollywood Bowl for a show with the one and only Pete Tong. We were there to rock out to some of the most classic Ibiza dance records accompanied by the epic Heritage orchestra. Funny enough I hear Pete announce "Please welcome Thutmose to the stage!" I looked around and was like whattt?? Is that Thutmose I heard? I had been hearing murmurings about this up and coming rapper, but was definitely surprised to see him take that kind of stage. He performed flawlessly, and I knew it was time to check out what all this Thut is about. Today I'm bringing you his latest, a soulful rendezvous of bobbing bass and laid back vibes. Thut gets rockin on the track both singing and rapping in between Alex Mali's delicately yearning vocals. This ones a chill jam and I think you're gonna love it.