Taylor FayComment

Some artists are so versatile; you have to hail them as creative gods. Jimmy Edgar continues to impress, often regarded as a renaissance man for his various talents, ideas, and style. From music, graphic design, fashion design, filmmaking, and photography- he seems to be a student of all art. Edgar began experimenting with electronic music at age 10, preforming at 15, and iconically signed to Warp at 18. Influenced by music theory, modal interchange, and jazz transitions- he brings a unique style and flair. He recently released “Puzzled,” a single track, version of “switch switch.” Less than 2 minutes long and sourced from various hardware synthesizers, Edgar intends to give every sound away. The basic principle is creating songs within songs, to keep attention and harmonic variety. The Detroit native became legend during Detroit Electronic Festival when security guards began raving with the crowd. Turning music into a sensory experience, Edgar continues to gain following from his one-of-a-kind sound.