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You really have to hand it to musicians; it’s nearly impossible to fathom how difficult and painstaking it must be to come up with something so innovative that one can create a sound-based brand for their selves that’s identifiable. With so many styles and genrse having been exhausted already, and with trends coming and going so rapidly, it’s pretty hard for us to come across a song that we can defiantly say “THIS is different.” We can only assume that it takes a whole lotta thinking outside the box and a ton of patience.

That’s why when Quincy Mumford’s latest track “Thank You” was brought to our attention, we felt as if we had struck gold. Blending concepts such as old school, mellow hip hop riffs with pop electronic synths with the help of producer Jenaux, the two artists design something beautiful through the most unlikely of combinations. The production is woven together with Quincy’s voice, one that can achieve such a high pitch range that nearly resembles Prince’s very own. For us, “Thank You” is like a breath of fresh air, and we certainly can’t- and won’t- get enough of it.

Disclaimer: Quincy Mumford is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer, Alli Lindsey.