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Cosmic super-babe and part alien Lucii returns with an acoustic translation of her WAKAAN debut, “Neptune.” While the original release was a roaring psychedelic-bass relic, this folk-like edition of “Neptune” is an emotional treat. Stark guitar licks fill the spaces where maddening drops once existed, and her resounding lyrical content is as profound as it ever was. Rebelling against EDM stereotypes and exploring vulnerability through classic instrumentation, Lucii explores two polar genres through the lens of one emotionally penetrating song. An ethereal slice of heaven for Lucii fans and a fearless leap of creativity from the visionary herself, “Neptune” is a limitless creation with the world to offer. Listen today.



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In 2018, the world of music and art is in a state of a never-before-seen flux. Overalls are back, and Champion is officially "hypebeast;" with only 2 years until the roaring 20s, contemporary aesthetics are as distinguished as they've ever been. But groovy looks, and fresh new music reap dogmatic, and know-it-all-attitudes. One of EDMs most recognized names, despite their monumental success and fan-base, The Chainsmokers, are frequently criticized for lack of originality and dexterity. While the duo quite literally sets trends for the millennial generation, they can't seem escape the skeptical hive mind which surrounds their music. 

Fortunately, New York-based producer, Fareoh just flipped The Chainsmokers' "You Owe Me" into a more dynamic, distinguished piece. With a whopping 31 million plays on YouTube, "You Owe Me" is actually one of the lesser known tracks from the smokers, which ultimately allows Fareoh's signature cadences to revitalize a seemingly "mainstream" track. This flip accelerates the tempo of the original, creating a space of adrenaline and bliss. Radiating bouts of synth expand across the foundation of the single, creating a spacious ebb and flow. Here, a song originally made for radio plays and arena tours effortlessly became an individualistic creation, with an underground EDM aroma. Both emotional and dance-floor-ready, Fareoh is solidifying himself as one of the years' most proficient producers/mixers.  



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Millennial behavior is criticized in the media on what seems to be a day-to-day basis, most of which Gen Y is unabashedly proud of—challenging mainstream capitalism, redefining how America digests art, and ultimately reshaping the American experience. While this radical group of young adults are pioneering a new way of collective thought, much of it is done with the use of technology, a medium where ideas are often misconstrued. In regards to millennial romance, this digital miscommunication can prove disheartening, and worse-off, entirely fabricated. Combining conceptual, generational philosophies with a multi-dimensional myriad of instruments, singer/songwriter Axel Mansoor captured a new age in a mere 4 minutes and 35 seconds with this single "Talk To Me." The track is a gentle, charming and welcoming piece that challenges what it means to make people move. Using predominantly traditional instruments, Axel fills the spaces between each shift in chord progression with his soft, palpable psalms. His vocals pour out of the depths of his soul, kissing his lips, almost audibly, as it makes its way into our ears. It's slow, yet moving, soft, yet demanding. Moreover, the music video release of "Talk To Me" perfectly encapsulates the mantra of the song. Undoubtedly an unorthodox video, this moving picture is made of entirely of real-time Snapchats between two romantic suitors, one of which, seems to be falling for the other. With Axel playing the main character, viewers and listeners alike are welcomed into a delicate space of his creative mind—you laugh, you cry, and you feel with this video. The release of "Talk To Me" and its visual counterpart are incredibly thought out, touching, and is set to blaze trails for the way millennials look at, and utilize their every-day technology. 

Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Mike Doose

Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Mike Doose


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This one is special right here. Kaleena Zanders' wonderful voice has been featured numerous times on our pages for her work with SNBRN, is the voice behind his epic cover of "California Love," and has also been a workhorse the last couple years not only performing live at many major music festivals (Coachella, Middle Lands, Splash House to name a few), but also grinding in the studio with Gigamesh, Breathe Carolina, Loud Luxury, Madeaux, Vindata and others. After being featured so much, it was only a matter of time before we got a KZ original. Well finally we've been gifted this gem and when she sent it over it was almost an automatic OF COURSE I'LL SUPPORT THIS! Granted the tune is a little different from our normal blend of electro/pop, but the combo of simple piano and vocals is a time tested formula that clearly exposes the quality performance and songwriting of the tune. Produced by the duo dirtyMonster, the song was also recently featured in a promo ad for season 2 of STAR on FOX, it must be an honor to have your song featured on a show that's based upon the lives of budding musicians. This song is emotional, impactful and soulful. Everything we would expect from KZ, and damn she knocked it out of the park.