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The man is back with another melodic masterpiece. The Mansoor that is. Axel Mansoor, the talented singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist known for his flawless falsetto, catchy lyrical cadence, and glistening guitar licks just dropped his second single of 2019. The track, entitled simply “Busy”, is a chill pop record with sweet synths, sparkly guitar lines, and a message about being so caught up in the constant millennial-grind for success that the important people and things in life fall by the wayside. It’s not quite summer yet, but this tune is getting me primed for chill hangs in the backyard or at the beach. Definitely going on the daytime jams playlist! Go peep!

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Los Angeles-based singer songwriter Axel Mansoor has blessed fans with a beautifully melodic single, “The Other Side.” Born in the spaces between depression and drive, this darling single casts a rhythmic ebb and flow that pulls at the heart strings of its listener. His distinguished charm and allure brings a sense of warmth to each track he touches. Using mental health as a focal point, “The Other Side” brings waves of emotions to life while his signature vocals and vibrant strings collide effortlessly. Axel Mansoor- we’re listening.



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Axel Mansoor is just keeping the momentum going. Fresh off an Emmy (yes you read right) Emmy nom nom nom, and an epic selfie-led music video for 'Talk To Me' that was featured by Buzzfeed, Axel is in no way looking backward. He's grinding and working hard to make beautiful tunes to bring to our earholes, and he's most certainly done it again with 'Brothers'. This folky acoustic and vocal-led single comes as the last song on the newly released Somerset EP named for the street he wrote it on. The song has a heart wrenching story to accompany the heavenly tune. Axel speaking about the song:

"'Brothers' was never supposed to be on this EP. It was an older song I had hung up a while ago, loved but never brought down. In January, I received an email from a grieving mother who had recently lost a son — she explained to me that her other son had found the song and that it had helped their family through the pain. I’ve never cried so hard from an email. I’d never met her son and yet it felt like I had lost him too. I knew I had to make a new version, and I asked her if I could dedicate it to him. Well…"Brothers" is out now, in loving memory of Brody Stewart (December 30, 1991 - January 14, 2018)."

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This silly little blog has opened thousands of doors for many of us in the industry over the past 5 years, and my BB team who dedicate their time and energy to posting the best new music in the dance music and indie pop scene are also directly involved in making that music a reality. Some of our staff look after these featured artists, and its pretty thrilling to watch them come up together. This latest track "Trails ft. Axel Mansoor" from west coast duo Blu J is all the right vibes for your early evening pleasure.  Wind down and grab your headphones - you'll love this one! Grab a free download HERE

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Guess who's back! After a hiatus of oh about 3 months (thanks for the reminder Erin...) EJ's back in the buzzzy building! Phew I apologize for my absence things have been pretty busy. HOWEVER, I'm very happy that I get to make my return to the BB pages with this gem of a record from the mysterious yet cuddly newcomers Snugs. Now I have a special place in my heart for this act because I recently heard about an album's worth of their unreleased music, and I can definitely tell you there's a lot more fun in store.

A bit of back story - Proximity, yes the youtube mega channel, recently inked a deal with Geffen A&M to start releasing records, and this fluffy act right here just so happens to be newly signed to the growing label. Leading the charge with a character instead of a backstory this act has decided to let the branding and music do the talking, and boy does it with this record "Flooded". The record is infused with light synthwork and percussion that keeps things airy and bright underneath Axel Mansoor's heavenly falsettos. It's rare when the music and presentation all come together so perfectly and that's exactly what we have here. Don't snuggle up too quick and fall asleep on this act, they're definitely here to stay.

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Millennial behavior is criticized in the media on what seems to be a day-to-day basis, most of which Gen Y is unabashedly proud of—challenging mainstream capitalism, redefining how America digests art, and ultimately reshaping the American experience. While this radical group of young adults are pioneering a new way of collective thought, much of it is done with the use of technology, a medium where ideas are often misconstrued. In regards to millennial romance, this digital miscommunication can prove disheartening, and worse-off, entirely fabricated. Combining conceptual, generational philosophies with a multi-dimensional myriad of instruments, singer/songwriter Axel Mansoor captured a new age in a mere 4 minutes and 35 seconds with this single "Talk To Me." The track is a gentle, charming and welcoming piece that challenges what it means to make people move. Using predominantly traditional instruments, Axel fills the spaces between each shift in chord progression with his soft, palpable psalms. His vocals pour out of the depths of his soul, kissing his lips, almost audibly, as it makes its way into our ears. It's slow, yet moving, soft, yet demanding. Moreover, the music video release of "Talk To Me" perfectly encapsulates the mantra of the song. Undoubtedly an unorthodox video, this moving picture is made of entirely of real-time Snapchats between two romantic suitors, one of which, seems to be falling for the other. With Axel playing the main character, viewers and listeners alike are welcomed into a delicate space of his creative mind—you laugh, you cry, and you feel with this video. The release of "Talk To Me" and its visual counterpart are incredibly thought out, touching, and is set to blaze trails for the way millennials look at, and utilize their every-day technology. 

Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Mike Doose

Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Mike Doose


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Who remembers VHS tapes? I know our lovely founder Erin definitely does, but I'm betting some of our readership might not remember these cumbersome vestibules of entertainment. The worst was when you really wanted to watch a movie, and put in the tape only to find out that the last person to use it didn't hit rewind! So annoying...anyways the opposite of annoying is Axel Mansoor's next amazing new tune "Hit Rewind". Co-written and produced with fellow BB faves Louis Vivet, this track is a light hearted ode to California that's absolutely sure to tickle your fancy. The infectious chorus rings out with a "Whaaa Ohhh" that instantly slaps a smile upon your face. The nostalgic lyricism combined with the spritely production easily hits home with this remix. As autumn is officially upon us, this fun tune easily hits rewind back to the summer fun. 

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If you missed the sudden arrival of Axel Mansoor a few short months ago, then you best get hip to the program. His debut singles "Wasted My Love" and "Out of My Head" have collectively hit 1 million streams and notched some impressive milestones like Spotify US Viral Top 5 and Hype Machine #1. Well today we're celebrating the premiere of two delectable remixes from Sleeping Lion and Dulsae of "Wasted My Love". The first from Boston's Sleeping Lion being a downtempo experimental jam rife with layered modulated vocals, deep pulsating synths and playfully sexy melodic lines. The second from Dulsae is my personal favorite of the two - an upbeat exploration on the original that takes flight in the chorus with pulsing swarms of synth work that complements the guitar all too perfectly. Both valiant re-imaginings on the original it was tough to pick just one so I give you both! 

Disclosure: Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Mike Doose.


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Wow 2 for 2 so far from Axel Mansoor - who's been lighting up the interwebs so far with his pair of sweet releases "Wasted My Love" and now "Out Of My Head". His fresh take on falsetto infused indie pop is showing us just how a marriage of heady lyricism and clean electric guitar can infuse into a musical breath of fresh air. The song is blissfully dynamic while still retaining enough punch that keeps you firmly locked into the quick 3 minutes of music. These are the types of tunes careers are built upon. Go add this to your favorite chill Spotify playlist here.  

Disclosure: Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Mike Doose.