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Axel Mansoor is just keeping the momentum going. Fresh off an Emmy (yes you read right) Emmy nom nom nom, and an epic selfie-led music video for 'Talk To Me' that was featured by Buzzfeed, Axel is in no way looking backward. He's grinding and working hard to make beautiful tunes to bring to our earholes, and he's most certainly done it again with 'Brothers'. This folky acoustic and vocal-led single comes as the last song on the newly released Somerset EP named for the street he wrote it on. The song has a heart wrenching story to accompany the heavenly tune. Axel speaking about the song:

"'Brothers' was never supposed to be on this EP. It was an older song I had hung up a while ago, loved but never brought down. In January, I received an email from a grieving mother who had recently lost a son — she explained to me that her other son had found the song and that it had helped their family through the pain. I’ve never cried so hard from an email. I’d never met her son and yet it felt like I had lost him too. I knew I had to make a new version, and I asked her if I could dedicate it to him. Well…"Brothers" is out now, in loving memory of Brody Stewart (December 30, 1991 - January 14, 2018)."

Disclosure: Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz contributor Mike Doose