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A year and a half ago, ODESZA released their monumental third studio album A Moment Apart. Since then, the duo dropped various remixes along the way up until today: the official A Moment Apart remix album featuring friends of Foreign Family Collective. Chet Porter is one of the featured artists on the album, being a fan-favorite from the FFC label. Chet is known for his beautiful, ethereal music, which he incorporates in his remix of “Line of Sight,” featuring WYNNE & Mansionair. In this remix, he stays true to the power of the vocals by WYNNE, but manages to add his own pop up-beat flair.

His music always seems to wrap me up in a nice warm hug. Give it a listen and see for yourself!

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Definitely excited about this one! UpNorth Music + Arts Festival is one of the coolest new boutique festivals around! Located in Copemish, MI on August 18 - 20, this weekend is packed full of some of our favorite artists who we've supported for years, as well as a brilliant group of fresh up-and-comers .... we're swooning! The amazing team at UpNorth has been gracious enough to place some weekend passes in our hot little hands, and we would like to give them to you! Enter below for a chance to spend a summer weekend filled with all the vibes with a pair of passes to UpNorth! See you there! 


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Surprise! This one is coming up quick, but cannot be missed!  We've jumped on this Lemaitre date because supporting our homies is what we do best! Goldenvoice & Noise Pop are bringing this Norwegian funky electro pop duo to the Regency Ballroom on October 20th with our love Chet Porter and Coucheron! A limited amount of advance tickets are still on sale, so swoop them while they last! See all you beautiful people there!   


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You’re looking at a music mastermind. In spring of last year, Chet Porter played his first show alongside Big Wild and Jai Wolf. ODESZA graciously invited them to their growing Foreign Family Collective for good reason. Chet Porter’s “Stay” makes you feel like you’re absolutely consumed by a sweet daydream. Exactly what Foreign Family Collective entails, occasionally beautiful vocals paired with instrumentals that make you colorfully visualize the melodies. Chelsea Cutler's comforting lyrics on the track are the perfect cherry on top. With the support of his 30k followers on Soundcloud and growing, Chet Porter has been rising  Billboard just premiered his new single and announced his upcoming Fall tour dates. Safe to say, we’re stoked! Excited to see what Chet Porter can bring us live!


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Chet Porter just dropped an official remix for Galantis' poppy single "No Money", and it will make you feel like a little kid again. Another big step for Chet because it's being released by Big Beat Records and Atlantic Records. Featuring some very uplifting pitch bends in the vocals and mixed with some flawless drum work, this one should be on repeat all week. The genre is basically summer lullaby Disney banger. Cheers. 


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TBH - I am super slammed today with all the things and will only have a few minutes to bring you some new tracks! So much came out today, I'll definitely have to play catch up over the weekend when everyone is at Coachella!  For those of you not heading out to the desert this weekend I promise to keep you busy with lots of great music - who needs Coachella anyway! Here's a dreamy track from young Kidswaste - he flipped "tbh ily" by Chet Porter into fun and bouncy laid back jam that I have had on repeat for the last hour! Dropped today via our besties at Moving Castle - and you can grab a free download HERE


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Chet Porter has been killing the vibes lately - he's putting out so much good music that we're swooning like a 12 year old girl at a New Kids On The Block concert (or, at least the 12 year old me).  Today he drops his new track "tbh ily" that is filled with that original Chet Porter sound we love, dreamy swirly melodies under future syncopated beats - he's got a style all his own!  We are also pretty happy to say that Chet Porter will be playing a BB show in the near future - details coming your way very soon!  This one comes via our besties at Moving Castle, and you can swoop it on iTunes HERE!


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3 things I would like to say about this premiere!  
First, there are so many of us who work 16+ hours a day 7 days a week in this industry of music - driven by passion and love for what we do!  Obvi the music and artists is what inspires us to bring that hustle - and the struggle is something that cannot fully be understood unless you're in it. So big ups to all my friends out there going through it with me, and a special double fist bump to Chet Porter's manager who is a true legend .... killing that hustle today!
Second - can all these labels please get your shit together? I thought, as a talent buyer, it was hard working with agents .... but for the constant stories of struggles from hell that I hear from artist management all the time, something is very wrong.  I'm posting this new Chet Porter remix of "Do You Remember" by Jarryd James with a Spotify player because it's the only option I have! Why would a label ever want to limit the way people hear your artist music? Just figure it out! Do people even work at labels? 
Third - this new Chet Porter remix is on fleek!  I love the way the layers create this big building sound! It's intense chill vibes for the music intellectual, and it's a epic style all his own! So excited for all the cool things coming up for this Canadian producer -- it's HUGE!  He's got some live dates coming up with Autograf too - so check the tour schedule HERE to see if he'll be in your city!    


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Chet Porter kinda just made my day with this new track - it's stunning!  I am such a fan of work that crosses boundaries by not following the typical song structure. It can either be the best or the worst thing you've ever heard, but taking that chance is where the excitement comes into play!  Canadian producer Chet Porter just slayed his latest original "Awakening" in the best way possible, it's like walking through clouds hand and hand with the yellow Care Bear in the best dream of your life!  Filled with all our favorite future sounds and electro feels - loving this!!