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3 things I would like to say about this premiere!  
First, there are so many of us who work 16+ hours a day 7 days a week in this industry of music - driven by passion and love for what we do!  Obvi the music and artists is what inspires us to bring that hustle - and the struggle is something that cannot fully be understood unless you're in it. So big ups to all my friends out there going through it with me, and a special double fist bump to Chet Porter's manager who is a true legend .... killing that hustle today!
Second - can all these labels please get your shit together? I thought, as a talent buyer, it was hard working with agents .... but for the constant stories of struggles from hell that I hear from artist management all the time, something is very wrong.  I'm posting this new Chet Porter remix of "Do You Remember" by Jarryd James with a Spotify player because it's the only option I have! Why would a label ever want to limit the way people hear your artist music? Just figure it out! Do people even work at labels? 
Third - this new Chet Porter remix is on fleek!  I love the way the layers create this big building sound! It's intense chill vibes for the music intellectual, and it's a epic style all his own! So excited for all the cool things coming up for this Canadian producer -- it's HUGE!  He's got some live dates coming up with Autograf too - so check the tour schedule HERE to see if he'll be in your city!