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In recent years, French producer Kidswaste has quickly become a global act to watch. Each of his tracks boast a glistening digital resonance, robust with a signature shine. His latest unveiling, “Sleeping Pills” featuring LA super-babe KOLE is a testament to his artistic innovation. Swathed in warmth, the single evokes emotion, effortlessly rousing the senses. Hills and valleys of vast landscapes rise from the spaces between each note, prompting an even-tempered listening experience. “Sleeping Pills” is defined by a slackened cadence that is equally as invigorating and effervescent. Kick back and listen to four minutes drawn from the sounds of cloud nine.

Disclaimer: Kidswaste Is Promoted By Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Alli Lindsey

Disclaimer: Kidswaste Is Promoted By Beautiful Buzzz Staff Writer Alli Lindsey


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Celebrating the echoing soundscapes of indie electronic music, Berkeley-based producer Emmit Fenn returns in an R&B-esque fashion with his latest drop, “Without You” featuring Drew Love. Defined by a slackened cadence and seductive lyricism, the duo showcases a deep sense of synchronicity. Revered not only for his mellow take on dance music, Emmit’s poetic vocals simultaneously stand as a pillar in his signature aesthetic. “Without You” is as tranquil as it is prolific. The silvery outline pays tribute to music that reaches far beyond the influence of everyday electronic production. The echoing lyricism coincides like a yin and yang with the production- giving rise to each other as they aesthetically interrelate. Polished and fluid, “Without You” stands at the apex of indie-R&B. Emmit, Drew, we're listening. 



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Release after release, LA’s cross-genre duet, Sleeping Lion is solidifying their humble yet striking presence in the world of art. After the poetic release of their introspective single, “Easy For You,” Sleeping Lion returns in collaboration with Boston twosome DAVVN to unveil, “Felt Something.” This mid-tempo, indie-electronic ballad is riddled with a divine, feminine prowess complemented by acutely chopped vocals, and technical production. Manipulating a strong sense of musical vibrancy, “Felt Something” is both ethereal and effervescent. Delicate melodies drip from the vocal progressions that ripple throughout the entirety of the track, showcasing the outfit’s seamless synchronicity. Ease into your weekend with the charming sounds of Sleeping Lion and DAVVN.  



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LA-based duo Cherry Beach are striking gold with their brand new single out on Lowly Palace, "Gravity." Combining their musical dexterity with that of brilliant singers/songwriters Victoria Zaro and Ryan Feinberg, "Gravity" is an overly appealing mix of uplifting pop and electronic elements. The single meets resolve through a lining of acoustic guitar riffs that set the foundation for a harmony that perfectly supports Victoria's vocals. If you're like me and can't wait another minute till summer, then take a listen to this one. You'll feel as if the warm sunshine is already upon you.

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Autograf is at it again with their very own rendition of their original "Dead Soon" featuring vocalist Lils and fellow producer Bonsai Mammal. In this mellow version, they tone down the energy, and swap out the lively Deadmau5-like synths with mellow and colorful bubbling sounds, while layering the piece with faded, shadowy vocals. The duo's versatility is undeniable as they manage to shift the aesthetic completely, causing the OG "Dead Soon" to sound like an entirely new song - one that is just as authentic as the initial release.  The mystifying chill mix will assuredly leave you in a state of serenity, something we can all use from time to time.

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After a long day of work, you simply need to relax before you gather your strength for yet another long, energy-consuming day that will follow. For me, music is the only thing I find soothing enough to aid in my recuperation. That's why when I stumbled upon Bronze Whale's brand new release, "Patterns," I was more than relieved. Having been a follower of the Austin-based duo, comprised of Benny Alley and Aaron Jaques, for years now, it's been quite a treat to watch these guys grow in both their talents and sound. I find their latest especially unique as it showcases 1/2 of BW, Benny's vocal skills, and I can sincerely say, I am far from unimpressed. Between the cerebral tone of his voice, and the calming, yet uplifting crisp production that flows around it, I gotta say - this track is a 10/10 in my book.  

Disclosure: Bronze Whale is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer, Lindsey Oh.



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Having already dominated their local music scene, Austin-based duo Bronze Whale is back with a daring new sound set to enlighten the masses. Rightfully titled, "Warm" their latest release features never-before-heard vocals from co-producer, Benny Alley. As a long-time advocate of the twosome, I feel confident in preaching that "Warm" is a breakthrough single saturated with individuality. Following no particular formula, this piece is novel, yet familiar. A potent feel-good energy is expelled from rising and fleeting sentiments composed of both up, and down-tempo production. Every single note, from the bass line to its intoxicating samples is poignantly clear. While the crux of the track is optimistic, there is a sense of unparalleled sentiment that tugs on the heart strings. The audible mantra showcased in "Warm" is daring, new, and takes us to a place outside of the mainstream. It's whispering touch is thunderous, lasting. Dive deep into this fantastic sound, and explore a cadence that belongs solely to Bronze Whale. 


Bronze Whale is managed by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Lindsey Oh


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New to the music scene, but far from novice, German producer Lavid just stunned critics with his release of "BURN" ft. Klei. Although Lavid is a recent project for producer Emanuel Bender, his previous Alias, Drift Static accumulated over a million plays with his unofficial remixes for Awolnation. In essence, Bender is no stranger to what it means to be at the apex of Hype Machine, and certainly no stranger to success. Lavid, in contrast to Drift Static, takes a more flighty approach towards electronic music. "Burn" is a shimmery. breezy track, with a chopped, rapid build and an unwinding drop. The lyricism teeters on sultry and sensual- a cherry on top of the multifaceted, cool production. Bender's latest vision is coming to fruition with stimulation, and decadence. Stay tuned for what's next from Lavid. 



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Jack Casey, better known as EMBRZ, just dropped a down-tempo masterpiece, "Higher." This Ireland-based, self taught producer has already received stellar reviews on his latest track. I find it more than safe to say, the buzz is much deserved, as this romantic piece is both calming and energizing. "Higher" is engulfed by the sounds of gold with radiating, subtly chopped lyrics, and glowing expressionism. The track's warmth is transcended by a staggering build up at 2:00, leading into a final drop of sentiment and sunshine. This single was obviously crafted by a young musician with a passionate, charming spirit. "Higher" possesses a quixotic temper, that is soft and whimsical. Get with this amorous debut by adding it to your summer time Spotify playlist. Thank you EMBRZ.