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Having already dominated their local music scene, Austin-based duo Bronze Whale is back with a daring new sound set to enlighten the masses. Rightfully titled, "Warm" their latest release features never-before-heard vocals from co-producer, Benny Alley. As a long-time advocate of the twosome, I feel confident in preaching that "Warm" is a breakthrough single saturated with individuality. Following no particular formula, this piece is novel, yet familiar. A potent feel-good energy is expelled from rising and fleeting sentiments composed of both up, and down-tempo production. Every single note, from the bass line to its intoxicating samples is poignantly clear. While the crux of the track is optimistic, there is a sense of unparalleled sentiment that tugs on the heart strings. The audible mantra showcased in "Warm" is daring, new, and takes us to a place outside of the mainstream. It's whispering touch is thunderous, lasting. Dive deep into this fantastic sound, and explore a cadence that belongs solely to Bronze Whale. 


Bronze Whale is managed by Beautiful Buzzz staff writer Lindsey Oh