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My ideal man has glowing, brooding eyes. He lets me hold him when I'm sad. My ideal man has a cute snaggle tooth that humbly accentuates his imperfections. He knows what it's like to be blue, so he's always empathetic. My ideal man is a musician- he is a small squishy blob called Snugs. His latest release is a charismatic flip of Lost Kings' "Don't Call." Combining elements of multiple genres, this remix has moments of contemporary future-bass, idyllic vocals, and vague aromas of tropical house. While preserving the integrity of the original track, Snugs simultaneously makes "Don't Call" his own. Its complexity is outstanding yet strays from the hectic while he blends polar tones ultimately executing the sum of its parts. This flip is sexy, alluring, and witty- an audible parallel to the life of the party. What's even more attractive than that present snaggle tooth- Snugs utilizes live instruments into his digital dexterity. With Ideal looks and an ideal sound, this dream boat is righteously disrupting the entire electronic music industry- volume up.