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Despite contemporary rap music being frequently criticized by old-heads for not channeling Tupac and Biggie, today’s take on hip-hop actually works as a curtain call for collaboration and creative restoration. Our favorite little blue booger, Snugs, composed of two multi-talented musicians who manipulate organic electronic production, have returned with their novel remix of Lil Skies’ “Nowadays.” Capitalizing on Lil Skies’ melodramatic flow, and rolling hip-hop cadence, Snugs gives “Nowadays” a vibrant treatment that redefines the mantra of the original piece. Using elements of spacious, radiating synth, the duo repaints the frame of “Nowadays” with pastel colors while lightning strikes between each note. A stellar balance of indie-electronic, and modern-urban flow, this flip is an interstellar rework that bumps with ease. Snugs’ relentless devotion to their craft shines with each release, fossilizing them as one of the most exciting, and cozy acts of the year. Stay tuned for more from our cute little friend, Snugs.



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My ideal man has glowing, brooding eyes. He lets me hold him when I'm sad. My ideal man has a cute snaggle tooth that humbly accentuates his imperfections. He knows what it's like to be blue, so he's always empathetic. My ideal man is a musician- he is a small squishy blob called Snugs. His latest release is a charismatic flip of Lost Kings' "Don't Call." Combining elements of multiple genres, this remix has moments of contemporary future-bass, idyllic vocals, and vague aromas of tropical house. While preserving the integrity of the original track, Snugs simultaneously makes "Don't Call" his own. Its complexity is outstanding yet strays from the hectic while he blends polar tones ultimately executing the sum of its parts. This flip is sexy, alluring, and witty- an audible parallel to the life of the party. What's even more attractive than that present snaggle tooth- Snugs utilizes live instruments into his digital dexterity. With Ideal looks and an ideal sound, this dream boat is righteously disrupting the entire electronic music industry- volume up. 



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Guess who's back! After a hiatus of oh about 3 months (thanks for the reminder Erin...) EJ's back in the buzzzy building! Phew I apologize for my absence things have been pretty busy. HOWEVER, I'm very happy that I get to make my return to the BB pages with this gem of a record from the mysterious yet cuddly newcomers Snugs. Now I have a special place in my heart for this act because I recently heard about an album's worth of their unreleased music, and I can definitely tell you there's a lot more fun in store.

A bit of back story - Proximity, yes the youtube mega channel, recently inked a deal with Geffen A&M to start releasing records, and this fluffy act right here just so happens to be newly signed to the growing label. Leading the charge with a character instead of a backstory this act has decided to let the branding and music do the talking, and boy does it with this record "Flooded". The record is infused with light synthwork and percussion that keeps things airy and bright underneath Axel Mansoor's heavenly falsettos. It's rare when the music and presentation all come together so perfectly and that's exactly what we have here. Don't snuggle up too quick and fall asleep on this act, they're definitely here to stay.

Disclosure: Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Mike Doose

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With a name like Snugs, it’s gotta be good. This is probably the most uniquely branded DJ/Producer project I’ve ever seen, and the music is actually great. Little is known about Snugs, other than that the face of the project is an adorable light blue blob with a snaggletoothed smirk and the slogan “Get Comfortable.” But what I care about is whether the music is good, and as mentioned, it’s great. Debut single “Radio Silence” featuring vocalist HAILZ is a bright and shimmering dance pop record with effervescent and meticulously crafted production that will make newbie Soundcloud producers’ jaws drop. Within this one release, there’s hooky songwriting, high-energy builds and drops, sonic easter eggs, and loads of smile-inducing vibes. I’ll have this one on repeat for a while.

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Let us introduce you to the mysterious LA based Snugs! We don't know much about the group at this point other than the fact that they have put a killer rework to NGHTMRE's "Holdin' On To Me." The track is smooth, yet perky and groovy with splashes of ambient synthetic textures and sounds, bobbing sub bass, vocal blips and chops all wrapped up with bell plucks and claps. According to the group, they chose NGHTMRE's song to rework from the melancholy tone of the vocals, a voice that sounded like it need a hug and Snugs is right there waiting to rush in.