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My ideal man has glowing, brooding eyes. He lets me hold him when I'm sad. My ideal man has a cute snaggle tooth that humbly accentuates his imperfections. He knows what it's like to be blue, so he's always empathetic. My ideal man is a musician- he is a small squishy blob called Snugs. His latest release is a charismatic flip of Lost Kings' "Don't Call." Combining elements of multiple genres, this remix has moments of contemporary future-bass, idyllic vocals, and vague aromas of tropical house. While preserving the integrity of the original track, Snugs simultaneously makes "Don't Call" his own. Its complexity is outstanding yet strays from the hectic while he blends polar tones ultimately executing the sum of its parts. This flip is sexy, alluring, and witty- an audible parallel to the life of the party. What's even more attractive than that present snaggle tooth- Snugs utilizes live instruments into his digital dexterity. With Ideal looks and an ideal sound, this dream boat is righteously disrupting the entire electronic music industry- volume up. 



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My BB boys are back! Lost Kings have been serenading me with their sweet jams for a few years now - and they always seem to surprise me with their ability to dabble in multiple pop genre sounds. Are they EDM, are they dance pop, are they big room, are they future pop .... the answer is all of the above.  Lost Kings don't like to limit their creative sounds, giving them licence to produce a wide range of dance music gems that we always swoon over. Their latest track "Look At Us Now ft. Ally Brooke & A$AP Ferg" combine mellow rhythmic vibes with soulful vocals from Ally Brooke and hip-hop swag from A$AP Ferg that got me feeling some kind of way! It's perfect for your Sunday hangs ... get into this one!  


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Seriously .... it's nap time! I've been buried in artwork and web design today, and now I'm looking for a little pick me up to get me through the next few hours of work.  At times like these I reach for the pop music tracks, because what better way to liven things up with their feel good vibe! Our boy Justice Skolnik has just dropped his remix of "Quit You ft. Tinashe" by Lost Kings that's full of groovy electro-pop feels that are hitting all the right notes! Do yourself a favor and garb a free download HERE!


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Really - my only goals today are to eat all the mashed potatoes and pie I can ... because Thanksgiving deems it so! But, I know someone in America today is missing cool family things because they won't get off their phone! My brother had a girlfriend that was like this - always on her phone or playing Warcraft during holidays .. she sucked! So .... this song is for all y'all to put the fucking phone down and get into the people you are around, your family, your friends, whoever! Bay area producer Justice Skolnik offers his brilliant future feels spin on "Phone Down" by Lost Kings - it's delicious! 

Have you grabbed your tickets for our Lost Kings show on NOV 26 at Ruby Skye? If you are in the bay area this weekend, this is where the dance party is at! With support from Dutch duo The Him, can't go wrong with the dance party vibes! Grab tickets below! 


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As if we even need to say it .... how much we love this delicious Los Angeles duo Lost Kings, or that their new track "Phone Down" is totally rad. It's just stating the obvious! So, instead I challenge all of you to use your creative thinking and ponder this. Last night I was chatting with another buyer/promoter - he and I had a show together that was super successful, and during the show we talked about how we would love to start a night where people had to check their phones at the door - that way they would be forced to actually talk to each other and really pay attention to the music! It's a really great idea - but the issue is this: how do you check 400 - 1000 phones? I mean, just how? Or, do you make people leave their phones at home but then will they not attend the event because of this? Or, do you turn people away at the door if they have phones even tho we would be very clear they are not welcome ... what's the best solution here? I want your ideas! 

This is pretty much what Lost Kings are saying too - the phone is sucking your life away and if you don't put that fucking thing down you are gonna miss out on some really great things in life. 

We just announced a BB show with Lost Kings in San Francisco on November 26 at Ruby Skye. Last time they were in town it was totally bananas - so I am psyched for this upcoming party! Advance tickets just went on sale - don't sleep on this one kids!  


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I'm so excited for this one guys I can hardly wait!  Saturday November 26 at Ruby Skye we welcome our homies Lost Kings with very special guests The Him!  Woah -- two artists we've been supporting for ages with all of us together on one epic night, I think this is going to be lit y'all.  It will be a night of many firsts - our first show with both artists, our first time meeting The Him, and our first party at Ruby Skye.  Last time Lost Kings were in town it was a wild time so be sure to grab your tickets now and show up ready to shake your booty!  


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The next installment of the Buzzzmix series has arrived just in time for the weekend. This summer has been so much fun,  and we want to keep that vibe going with our homies LASH! This deep house duo are the most prominent producers/DJs in all of the Dominican Republic, and they've just handed us a delicious disco infused mix with plenty of electro pop and EDM feels. LASH are one of those emerging artist we feel like are going to make big moves, already stacking up millions of plays on tracks, playing alongside huge artists and featured on great festivals. So, get your TGIF started and grab a free download of Buzzzmix Vol. 31 HERE

OSLF - Mon Bain (Upsilone Remix)
EDX - Roadkill (EDX’s Ibiza Sunrise Remix) w/ This Is What You Came For (Acapella) 
Otto Knows ft. Avcii - Back Where I Belong (Luvo Remix)
Muzzaik, Stadiumx - So Much Love (Original Mix)
Inpetto, Johnny Bravo, Kelli-Leigh - U Got A Friend (Original Mix)
Lost Kings - You (Lash Remix)
EDX - Touch Her, Feel Her (Original Mix)
Cid - Together (Niko The Kid Remix)
Camel Phat - Make 'Em Dance (Original Mix)
Dj Snake - Sober (feat. JRY)
Ferreck Dawn, Joe Stone - Sublime (Extended Mix)
Charlie Puth feat. Selena Gomez - We Don’t Talk Anymore (Lash Remix)
Dj Snake - Let Me Love You (feat. Justin Bieber)
The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey - Closer 


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I love this Lost Kings track so much! For real I jam this in my car and sing at the top of my lungs, pretty sure people laugh at me but whatever! It's a great day for new music, cos our homies Halogen teamed up with Niko The Kid to drop this new remix of "You ft. Katelyn Tarver" for all the dance vibes! I finally get to do hangs and see a live set from Atlanta homies Halogen on Friday night in SF, and then Lost Kings on Saturday night - it's going to be ham so please send the positive vibes that I make it out alive! Get into this one! 


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I spent 3 days dealing with Coachella FOMO. Even though I personally dislike going to festivals, I still feel that green eyed monster deep inside when I see all the people I know out in the desert ... and Flume .... So I just watched a ton of old 80's movies, ate a whole pack of Oreo Double Stuffed cookies, and took naps! Many many naps! Now here we are after weekend one, and I get to do it all over again this weekend - wish I could be somewhere I really don't want to be but FOMO! One thing I definitely can't sleep on is this Unlike Pluto remix of "You ft. Katelyn Tarver" by Lost Kings! In just a few short weeks I'll be seeing all these Los Angeles legends playing songs for me to shake my but - I can't wait! This remix has deep pulsating beats over an addictive groove that I am loving! This one is the first of 5 remixes coming out via Spinnin' Records - the EP drops April 25!