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As if we even need to say it .... how much we love this delicious Los Angeles duo Lost Kings, or that their new track "Phone Down" is totally rad. It's just stating the obvious! So, instead I challenge all of you to use your creative thinking and ponder this. Last night I was chatting with another buyer/promoter - he and I had a show together that was super successful, and during the show we talked about how we would love to start a night where people had to check their phones at the door - that way they would be forced to actually talk to each other and really pay attention to the music! It's a really great idea - but the issue is this: how do you check 400 - 1000 phones? I mean, just how? Or, do you make people leave their phones at home but then will they not attend the event because of this? Or, do you turn people away at the door if they have phones even tho we would be very clear they are not welcome ... what's the best solution here? I want your ideas! 

This is pretty much what Lost Kings are saying too - the phone is sucking your life away and if you don't put that fucking thing down you are gonna miss out on some really great things in life. 

We just announced a BB show with Lost Kings in San Francisco on November 26 at Ruby Skye. Last time they were in town it was totally bananas - so I am psyched for this upcoming party! Advance tickets just went on sale - don't sleep on this one kids!