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After a long day of work, you simply need to relax before you gather your strength for yet another long, energy-consuming day that will follow. For me, music is the only thing I find soothing enough to aid in my recuperation. That's why when I stumbled upon Bronze Whale's brand new release, "Patterns," I was more than relieved. Having been a follower of the Austin-based duo, comprised of Benny Alley and Aaron Jaques, for years now, it's been quite a treat to watch these guys grow in both their talents and sound. I find their latest especially unique as it showcases 1/2 of BW, Benny's vocal skills, and I can sincerely say, I am far from unimpressed. Between the cerebral tone of his voice, and the calming, yet uplifting crisp production that flows around it, I gotta say - this track is a 10/10 in my book.  

Disclosure: Bronze Whale is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer, Lindsey Oh.