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Fall has officially kicked into full gear, and there’s no better way to welcome the crisp air and autumn colors than with a brand new groove such as the latest from bitbird‘s  first-ever signee, Duskus, and his latest release “Longtime.” 

The mellow, beat-ridden song finds the perfect balance between subtlety and high-energy- a track you can pretty much bump in any mood, at any time and any place. Comprised of seamless transitions, gorgeous intercepting layers of vocals and chops, and a house-like rhythm that urges you to get up and dance, there’s not one thing about this song that isn’t to love. 

But what makes this track so special in particular is that the London-based producer released the single on his very own label imprint Kaleido. Might we say, the prospects are looking mighty high for the newly established label if it continues to serve as a home and outlet for bops as massive as “Longtime”. Based on Duskus’ track record, we can only assume this will certainly be the matter.

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Music, Original MixSara NatkinsComment

The San Holo-founded bitbird label has been on a serious roll since it was started in 2014. They've been signing young musical visionaries left and right who are indisputably paving the path towards the future for electronic music. An example of one of these power players is Dutch artist Deon Custom. He recently released his single "With You," which comes with much variegation as it pulls elements from multiple genres such as chill, indie, lofi, experimental and electronic. The song gives way to a psychedelic journey as it delicately weaves intermittent waves of both dissonant and constant harmonies through a down-tempo beat and a spectrum of glitchy synths. To say the least, I'm definitely looking forward to hearing what else Deon has in store for 2018.  



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France-native Kultur is most definitely one of my favorite up and coming artists of 2018. After he made waves - no pun intended - with his captivating release, “Ocean,” the adroit artist has once again crafted a piece that wields great depth and pulchritude. The title of his new single, “Off To Get Lost,” could not be more fitting as it's a spiraling musical journey that listeners will discover themselves getting lost in. Embellished throughout with shadowy vocal chops, the song enters with rounded percussives that advance to a rapid, quivering rhythm. The beat then intertwines with mystic, beckoning synths and dreamy vocals that paint a lulling illusion of being lifted off the ground. Possessing a track record of music as beautiful as his, I’d strongly advise you to put Kultur on your radar.



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Autograf is at it again with their very own rendition of their original "Dead Soon" featuring vocalist Lils and fellow producer Bonsai Mammal. In this mellow version, they tone down the energy, and swap out the lively Deadmau5-like synths with mellow and colorful bubbling sounds, while layering the piece with faded, shadowy vocals. The duo's versatility is undeniable as they manage to shift the aesthetic completely, causing the OG "Dead Soon" to sound like an entirely new song - one that is just as authentic as the initial release.  The mystifying chill mix will assuredly leave you in a state of serenity, something we can all use from time to time.

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After a long day of work, you simply need to relax before you gather your strength for yet another long, energy-consuming day that will follow. For me, music is the only thing I find soothing enough to aid in my recuperation. That's why when I stumbled upon Bronze Whale's brand new release, "Patterns," I was more than relieved. Having been a follower of the Austin-based duo, comprised of Benny Alley and Aaron Jaques, for years now, it's been quite a treat to watch these guys grow in both their talents and sound. I find their latest especially unique as it showcases 1/2 of BW, Benny's vocal skills, and I can sincerely say, I am far from unimpressed. Between the cerebral tone of his voice, and the calming, yet uplifting crisp production that flows around it, I gotta say - this track is a 10/10 in my book.  

Disclosure: Bronze Whale is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer, Lindsey Oh.



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Oh boy our favorite Irish downtempo maestro EMBRZ is back smoldering again with "Heartlines." The first single from his upcoming 'Progress EP' due out this summer, "Heartlines" is a tender tune that bobs and weaves its way forward lead by Meadowlark's mesmerizing vocals. If this is an exposé of what's to come from the EP then I'm thinking it will be an absolute joy to listen to - much like this single. You can add this to your favorite playlist on your choice of streaming platforms here


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The vibes on this Saturday morning are chill and I'm definitely in my special place, at my computer with my puppy on my lap, coffee in my hand, and this fabulous track in my headphones.  I have no plans for the day and I give 0 fucks about it ... I may just stay in my pajamas and eat pizza. With such sweet jams from a young producer like Luka, why not have the perfect day? His version of "Jungle" by Panama is so dreamy, it's the quintessential future feels on that chill vibe tip, can I get an amen? Glitchy rhythms and heavy bass with fuzzy vocals kept in the background, as if we are being sweetly serenaded from a distance. Luka killed this one -- brilliant! This one dropped officially via Future Classic, definitely worth swooping up!