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This week I told my amazing, hard working, beautiful staff at Beautiful Buzzz that DNMO is going to be huge! Just wait and see ... I'm calling this one! My sweet sweet UK producer friend is continuing to crush all things, and just a few days back he released a new remix of "Fire ft. Evalyn" by Louis The Child. It's pretty delicious! DNMO puts his edgy bass sound on thick with bouncy future rhythms plus all the pop sensibilities you could ever want .... swooning! You guys can grab a free download HERE!



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Hey now! Look who's back with another super tasty track! My favorite emerging UK producer DNMO teamed up with Sub Urban to create "Broken" and hi ... I'm swooning. This year I feel like DNMO will be the kid I go on and on about because his bass heavy sound is something pretty special. It's almost like he's not trying to be one of the cool kids, just making music that sounds like everything else. He has his own vibe, and for me this is where the real magic happens. Best part is he's just a wee lad - spending his teen years in his bedroom making beats, and I for one am glad he does! Don't worry - the word is already out and industry has taken notice .... now it's your turn to be on the cutting edge by swooping this one HERE!  


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Dang I don't have much time to blog, but had to throw up this dope new track from KRANE and the youngster DNMO. "Sakura" has a lot going on there's dope sound design, a fluffy melody and then it explodes into a bombastic gut busting drop that's very filling. Ear candy meets booty shaking bliss - what more could you want! Oh I know what more I could want - a free DL too, and they've so graciously given us that as well!   

Disclosure: KRANE is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh + Alli Lindsey


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One of my favorite young producers right now is this kid DNMO from the UK. For being a mere 15 years young, he's already proving he has what it takes to sit at the adult table. His new remix of "Junkie ft. Nevve & Monstre" by Kill Paris has so many yummy future pop feels that hit's hard in all the right places. Perfect for throwing some trap arms! DNMO is going to have a ton of mew music coming out in the weeks to come, and we'll be here to watch his rise to greatness! You guys can grab a free download HERE


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Recently I've become familiar with this fresh British producer DNMO - he hit me up one day to show me some of his tunes and I quickly became a fan. This youngster is pretty great, and when I say youngster I'm not kidding ... the kid is 15, or I think he just turned 16.  Either way I am officially old enough to be his mother. They don't call me Rave Nanny for nothin! Teenager or not, DNMO has some pretty great feels and I think he's going to be showing us some big moves in 2017. This next premiere is a fantastic remix of "Never Gonna Leave" by Aryay, and it's a great example of his big future sound. Get into this one!! You can grab a free download HERE!



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Well our infatuation with MOONZz continues and the remixes of her new EP 'Trust Cycles' are just starting to break beginning with young upstart producer DNMO's take on "Wonder." We reviewed his first release, a driving rework of NGHTMRE, Krewella and Pegboard Nerds' "Superstar," and we were excited to hear his follow up. This "Wonder" remix is a magical rework with driving bass, pads and piano lifting up MOONZz's vocals to new heights. The chorus hits and we dive into a distorted drop of hammering bliss. A fresh update to the original you can nab this as a free download here.    

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This makes the second artist I've supported in the last week or so, that has embarked on the sometimes necessary re-brand. Being a musician myself I know how important a good transition can be, so I'm excited to introduce and support DNMO with his first release a killer remix of the dynamite collab "Superstar." This young british producer (only 15!) cranks it up to 11 with the quick melodic build bringing us into a full bodied, bitcrush fueled drop that surprises and entices. He's flipped the hyped original into a slower, bass blowing gem with a consistent vox chop leading the way ahead of the deep sub and bright wide saws. Already receiving support and finding it's way into the hype machine popular chart, we have no hesitation lending our support to this up and coming producer as well. Be looking out for more bassy goodness coming from this camp. You can nab this as a free download here