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Super excited for this next premiere! If you follow us here at BB, you know we are huge fans of On Planets -- I feel like he's 100% part of our fam because we've supported this legend from the start. Today he drops a fantastic cover of "Flume" by Bon Iver and I feel like my poor writing skills will not do him justice for just how excellent this is. If I was a fancy writer I would deconstruct each element using colorful descriptive words to try to paint a picture of what this sounds like. But ... I'm not that fancy - and you'll just have to trust my good taste and believe me when I say .... this is the bomb! We love you On Planets! You guys can swoop that free download HERE

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We've been known to stray outside the normal "electronic music" genre that we feature on BB from time to time - and today I've got a sweet little treat for ya! LA singer, songwriter and bedroom producer, Gabriel Black just released a new track "Sad Boy" that's 1/2 alternative pop and 1/2 emo, and I'm kinda crazy about it! This debut single is a shining glimpse into what's to come from this newcomer, who also happens to be the creative force behind his visual brand, drawing and curating every piece to tell his story! Pretty cool! 


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No better way to start off a Monday morning than with a premiere of a super chill jam filled with all the feels! This fresh duo just nailed it! Los Angeles producer and vocalist jy and Los Angeles songstress tribes. just dropped a bitter sweet electro R&B fused track "Release Me." With intimate vocals and ethereal future beats, "Release Me" is an emotional love song that has us feeling a bit sad but loving the vibe! You can stream on Spotify HERE! Get into this one kids!    


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This is a littler longer than my usual posts, but I dove deep into the story behind this track and just decided to throw on my aspiring journalist hat for a few minutes. So bare with me kiddos. If you read it all, you deserve a cookie. Let me know...seriously, I'll bake you some.

Albania is a country that receives little recognition this side of the Atlantic, but has spawned some incredible musical talent over the years. Notable recent musicians from Albania or of Albanian descent include Bebe Rexha, Dua Lipa, and Action Bronson. The artist I've chosen to feature today, Era Istrefi is a name most Americans probably haven't heard, but the young Albanian female singer-songwriter has quickly become a small legend in her part of the world. Last year she released a hooky AF sensual pop-EDM number in "Bonbon" which racked up stream counts and video views in the hundreds of millions--and even got remix treatments from the likes of Marshmello and Post Malone. Her latest single"Redrum" once again showcases a voice that carries the sex appeal of Rihanna and Dua Lipa with the mystique and allure of Kiiara and Alunageorge. When you combine that level of vocal prowess and carefully-crafted-to-be-sung-along-to-in-a-club pop songwriting and production, you get the kind of record that has the potential to be a global hit across continents and cultures. 

The producer also deserves equal credit. If you're not in the music industry you may not know his name (if you are I'd be shocked if you don't) but Felix Snow is a legendary producer/writer/industry powerhouse who has his hand in a veritable plethora of endeavors and continues to churn out hit after hit. You've heard his work on songs by Kiiara (one of 2016's biggest hits, Gold"), Gallant, Rita Ora, and Selena Gomez, just to name some of his recent company. Expect to hear more and more of him, whether you know you're listening to him or not.


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It's all about the journey, not the destination. At least that’s what I tell myself when I’m relentlessly Soundcloud digging for a new track to post. After scouring countless songs this morning, I came across what just might be one of my newest favorite acts - SKOTT. Not much can be found about her online, but her newest track ‘Wolf’ is quite a gem that I just happened to come across. Her calming voice paired with the natural piano chords and percussion makes for an incredibly catchy piece. With only about 2k followers, her maturity and sound as an artist seem to reflect a much bigger and more established act. If you’re looking for a new tune this weekend, look no further!


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I think I just fell in love - again! A few months back we featured this Los Angeles electro pop artists debut single "Lit" that we swooned over! Today DENM is following up holding his trump card, and all I can say is he's bring the heat! "Under Pressure" is a killer pop track filled with smooth dance grooves and dreamy synthed out vocals .... bananas good! You're gonna love this one! You can swoop this one as a free download HERE


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Brandyn Burnette is so dreamy! His voice tho ... swoon! Recently we have been loving all things he's involved with, and his progressive electro soul sound has got us hooked! Today he releases his next original track "Worship" full of whimsical melodies and all the right feels, I love it! Last weekend Brandyn Burnette and I crossed paths and we are so lame .... we didn't put two and two together and failed at the recognition game!  We even had a brief 5 second conversation on the stage with Lost Kings! I figured it out the next day and we've since laughed about it! Next time! But y'all .... you need to get into this - swoop it on iTunes HERE!


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Our homies over at Next Wave keep churning out one amazing track after another - and this latest from Los Angeles newcomer Trace is like a little slice of heaven! All sorts of chill vibes here with "Low" - overflowing with electro pop melodies topped off with dreamy soft vocals, you should be getting a massive amount of feels with this one. I hear Trace has a ton of really cool things happening in 2016 - I can't wait to see what's next!  Until then get into this kids!


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Introducing artists to the world is our most favorite pastime, and today we have something very shinny and unique that will bring massive vibes to your midweek playlist!  Olin Mosaic is a brand spanking new artist out of Australia - so yea you already know it's going to be great! Today we are psyched to premiere is first track ever called "Key" that is really something special.  He taps into that tropical electro dance sound and mixes it up with solid pop vocals and a super luscious R&B groove.  Feeling this one!  Expect to see more new tracks from Olin Mosaic in the coming months, he's got so much more to share!  You can grab this as a free download HERE