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Instant Karma has been making waves since their first release just a year ago. I really loved their "Flor - Unsaid" remix a while back and was excited when they sent me their latest an upbeat tropical infused rework of "Plans" from two BB regulars: Elephante and the workhorse Brandyn Burnette. The original was a joy to listen to check out our review here, but lets talk about what the bright good vibes duo has done for their remix. Using marimba-esque stabs they have built a lush tropical soundscape full of wandering airy arps supporting Brandyn's vocals. We're quickly lead to a bobbing halftime chorus chock full of fun melodies and vox chops. The record grooves along with such upbeat sweetness that it ends a quick 4 min later and I'm clamoring to hit play again. This one is ready to export you back into the rays of summer, you can also download this for free here.   


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Elephante is back with an incredible new single, and the hotly anticipated release of the 'I Am The Elephante' EP with an almost LP's worth of 9 amazing records. The emotional EP features a mix of chilled out electro pop, essences of tropical, smatterings of melodic trap, and future bass all tied together in a way that only the Phante can do it best. If you haven't heard them yet, check out the already hit singles "Closer (feat. Bishøp)" and the epic remix of MIIA's "Dynasty," along with some great other records like the one I'm about to touch on "Plans," "Catching On (feat. Nevve)," "Hold (feat. Jessica Jarrell)," and the banger "Goliath (feat. Jody Brock)."

Now onto "Plans" Brandyn Burnette kills it per usual with the emotionally charged lyricism and vocal performance. The record starts much in the same way as "Closer" with a solemn organ that immediately draws soulful church-like thoughts as tropical xylophone plucks spark the record up into a snappy chorus that prominently features a guitar riff as the main melody. The record plugs along at a chipper pace as we reach the bridge where we're brought into an emotionally charged halftime chorus leading us into the finale. This marks another milestone for Elephante and we're happy we've been along for the ride. We encourage you to support the artist and purchase the EP on digital retailers here, but because he's the classy maestro that he is, Elephante is also allowing us to download the whole EP for free here.  



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I'm back! After about a two week hiatus from moving and getting my life together I'm back among the land of the blogging! Getting you stoked for an awesome summer weekend, the man Elephante has released a sumptuous new ditty featuring the lovely vocals of Nevve. Starting with eclectic marimba type sounds the track builds into a wobbly drop that grooves like a wall full of acoustic foam (google it ha ha). This is another fantastic pop single from the Phante camp that is sure to have a slew of amazing remixes to follow. More on that later, now just enjoy this summertime swinger and grab this track on streaming services here and for free download here.


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I'm keeping the heat streak going today with that new new from the flamethrower himself Elephante! "Closer" is another classic progressive phante banger featuring the lovely vocals of Portland's up and coming Bishøp. The tune starts with organ and pads as we are introduced to Bishøp's lovely voice and snappy rhythm. The hook rings out "Why don't we get closer?" as the build takes us to a bright dance chorus that's ready to get your weekend started off right! Available for a limited free download grab it while it's hot!



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I'm getting real funky today thanks to my previous post about future funk master GRiZ and now Jenaux. I love how this is tagged on Soundcloud, #BIG ROOM FUNK because that pretty much describes this sound perfectly. I'm bummed I somehow didn't get around to supporting Elephante's amazing original back when it was first released about a month ago (check out the original here), but onto Jenaux's re-work. This track starts off mellow with enveloping pads under the vocals, but it quickly turns up with a funky guitar line that takes us to a snappy drum beat. An 80's tom fill later we're swung into a throw-your-hands-in-the-air and jump kind of chorus with a super catchy vocal chop on top of a progressive style bass line. Jenaux killed this remix and much to our delight it's another Free Download!     


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Boom today I've got a gorgeous new track from the man Elephante! Known for his more progressive sound, he's diving into a newer more future bass direction with this remix of MIIA's beautifully written ballad "Dynasty." Let's just start with MIIA's vocals, holy cow what a terrific tune, I'm definitely paying attention to her going forward. Elephante gives her the proper treatment with this remix, it starts with chill synths and verby snaps. By the first chorus we get slowly rising synth pads taking us into an incredible vocal chop with a wailing lead synth. By the end getting true to form, we're treated to a thumping four on the floor reminding us that this is still an Elephante tune. Grab this incredible free download and support both artists.