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The next Buzzzmix has arrived, and this one is pretty special!  When me met Melvv last year, he was talking about going to his senior prom, graduating high-school, and starting to make waves with his original tracks and remixes on the interweb.  When we did a very last minute premiere of his incredible remix of "Midnight Moon" by Oh Wonder (which is included in this Buzzzmix) - I knew Melvv was something special -- so I started telling everyone I knew about this teenage bedroom producer who I believed was going to do great things!  Almost a year later and over one million plays on that remix alone - Melvv is moving into the next phase of greatness - fancy management, fancy agent, and playing dates with the likes of Louis The Child, Autograf, Trippy Turtle, Jai Wolf plus some big things we can't talk about just yet!  WOW!  We have that ultimate feels kind of  bond with Melvv now, and his place in the BB fam will always be held with highest regard .... we love him V much!  You can grab a free download of Buzzzmix Vol. 20 HERE

Sombear - Love You in the Dark (Melvv Remix)
Trippy Turtle - Trippy’s Theme
Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Pretty Thoughts (FKJ Remix)
Just A Gent - Fortaque Mister
Tweeks - Rave Land
Mura Masa - Cloud Claps
Nguzunguzu - Skycell
Pascaal - Drowning in You
Pomo - Vibrator
Sinjin Hawke - Crystal Dust
Drippin - Air Jordans
ODESZA - Say My Name (Dub Scout Remix)
Oh Wonder - Midnight Moon (Melvv Remix)
Rustie - Big Catzzz
Cashmere Cat - Wedding Bells
Sophia Black - Vibration
Basenji - Speak With A Dofflin
Mura Masa - Lovesick Fuck
Louis the Child ft. K.Flay - It’s Strange
Louis the Child ft. K.Flay - It’s Strange (Melvv Remix)
Majid Jordan - Her
ODESZA - White Lies (feat. Jenni Potts)
Disclosure - Magnets (feat. Lorde)
Zella Day - Sweet Ophelia (Marian Hill Remix)
Lana Del Rey - National Anthem (Cashmere Cat Remix)
Jai Wolf - Indian Summer
Porter Robinson - Flicker (Mat Zo Remix)
Darius & FKJ - O
Beyonce - Irreplaceable (Lindsay Lowend Remix)
Chrome Sparks - Marijuana
Feverkin - Coiled Corner (ft. Bijou)
Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Drift
Marian Hill - Whisky
SYRE - Bassline
Lido & Halsey - Slow  


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I'm not saying my job sucks, I love my job -- but there are some mornings when everyone wants a piece of what you're doing or they are trying to push you around, and even before you have wiped the sleep out of your eyes, you are having to solve 100 problems or answer 100 emails with your phone blowing up like mad! It's Friday guys -- and even tho I am expected to work 7 days a week 24 hours a day in some peoples eyes, I'm taking a break..... right now..... for this ..... Darius and FKJ have teamed up to produce a compilation coming out AUG 21 - and this track  Ô is pretty much chilling me out and taking me to my happy place! This is the sexy shit right here - this groove is so smoothe I am gliding through emails effortlessly!  For real - all of you in the music industry who's job is actually sending and answering emails (90% of us) just listen to this and kick back, because everything is soooo OK!  You can pre-order this WAVE Compilation HERE!


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Hello Friday!!  Hello holiday weekend!!  I can't wait to get out into the world and deal with amateur drinking hour, after hour, after hour.  It's a know fact that a weekend like Memorial Day holiday, every American who usually does not drink, goes out and gets wasted and makes a fool of themselves in public.  Oh wait - that's every holiday in America!  Anyway - good thing we have FKJ and his sexy new remix of "Unstoppable" by Lianne La Havas to keep us chill through the annoying times ahead!  This jam is so chill, I may just home all weekend, maybe find a chill pool to hang at, sleep under a palm tree - I mean it is a holiday!  If you are on the west coast, this Aussie legend will be playing all sorts of live sets on the coming days so get yourself out and about!   


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Soundcloud is such a great way to get exposed to new music, and lately we have noticed that our feed is being filled with all sorts of people sharing tracks.  99% of these people who are sharing are actually artists, reposting their label mates, or their homies, or just stuff they are listening to that they found on Soundcloud.  So, we decided to make THE VIBE GUIDE - a weekly installment on Beautiful Buzzz where you can check out what producers, music enthusiast and taste makers want you to hear!  Enjoy!