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I'm not saying my job sucks, I love my job -- but there are some mornings when everyone wants a piece of what you're doing or they are trying to push you around, and even before you have wiped the sleep out of your eyes, you are having to solve 100 problems or answer 100 emails with your phone blowing up like mad! It's Friday guys -- and even tho I am expected to work 7 days a week 24 hours a day in some peoples eyes, I'm taking a break..... right now..... for this ..... Darius and FKJ have teamed up to produce a compilation coming out AUG 21 - and this track  Ô is pretty much chilling me out and taking me to my happy place! This is the sexy shit right here - this groove is so smoothe I am gliding through emails effortlessly!  For real - all of you in the music industry who's job is actually sending and answering emails (90% of us) just listen to this and kick back, because everything is soooo OK!  You can pre-order this WAVE Compilation HERE!