Future House


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It’s Halloween y’all, and I’ve been jamming to this song for the past week. All of us at BB love pretty much everything Autograf and SNBRN make, and this groovin' new joint is no exception. This time, the future house producers are joined by talented newcomer KOLE, who’s had some great releases of her own lately with our homie Aire Atlantica. Her catchy songwriting and sensual vocals take this already fire track to a new level. If you plan on dancing tonight and making the house party go up on a Wednesday, definitely add this one to the queue on your Halloween party playlist!

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Due to overwhelming popular demand, we have added a 2nd Kasbo show in San Francisco on NOV 30. The first show sold out in just 3 days and we had so many people on our waitlist that adding an early show was the only move … psyched! We’re giving our Beautiful Buzzz family early access to tickets with this promotional code: pwdk — follow the ticket link below and enter this code and swoop your tickets now before they go on sale to the public tomorrow!


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Only in 2018 can a mannequin have 20K Twitter followers and remix a future pop song into a dance floor rave-ready beat. Yes this is a blog post about a FRND remix done by a mannequin (“Charlotte” from the world of creepy YouTube phenomenon Poppy). Only in the age of Gen Z is it acceptable for computer-generated voice to be incorporated into music. I’m not talking about Styx singing about Mr. Roboto or Soulwax using a MicroKORG, Charlotte is all computer. Or is Poppy speaking for her through a computer? The mystery of the internet, my friends. All things considered, this remix does what most great remixes generally do: twists the original track on its head in a unique and refreshing way that makes you want to dance. Nice job, Charlotte. Not half bad for a mannequin.

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Recently I had a conversation with a few music industry people about how we have a hard time understanding those who do not like music.  Because music is the soul reason many of us feel alive, it's hard to imagine people not being passionate about music ... you don't have to be into the exact same music I am ... but be passionate about something!  Then .... our favorite Aussie threesome drop this track late last night ... and I ask the same question ... how can you not feel anything when you listen to this ... because I feel EVERYTHING!  RÜFÜS's new single "No Place" IS everything! For years this band has touched my soul in every way, from their magical jams to their amazing friendship - there is definitely no place I'd rather be when I'm with RÜFÜS. Listen to this new track, and tell me you feel nothing, because it's just not possible! I can't wait for the new record!  



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Guess who's back! After a hiatus of oh about 3 months (thanks for the reminder Erin...) EJ's back in the buzzzy building! Phew I apologize for my absence things have been pretty busy. HOWEVER, I'm very happy that I get to make my return to the BB pages with this gem of a record from the mysterious yet cuddly newcomers Snugs. Now I have a special place in my heart for this act because I recently heard about an album's worth of their unreleased music, and I can definitely tell you there's a lot more fun in store.

A bit of back story - Proximity, yes the youtube mega channel, recently inked a deal with Geffen A&M to start releasing records, and this fluffy act right here just so happens to be newly signed to the growing label. Leading the charge with a character instead of a backstory this act has decided to let the branding and music do the talking, and boy does it with this record "Flooded". The record is infused with light synthwork and percussion that keeps things airy and bright underneath Axel Mansoor's heavenly falsettos. It's rare when the music and presentation all come together so perfectly and that's exactly what we have here. Don't snuggle up too quick and fall asleep on this act, they're definitely here to stay.

Disclosure: Axel Mansoor is managed by Beautiful Buzzz writer Mike Doose

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I hope everyone in the US had a great holiday weekend! I binge watched Game of Thrones with my Mom and hung out with the dogs ... didn't even open my computer and WOW if felt so good! Now we're back on the grind, and I have a delicious new track for y'll this morning for our next premiere! Yung LA producer AWAY drops a dreamy future feels gem with latest single "Sleepwalker ft. London Thor" via Lowly Palace. With light airy vocals from London Thor and deep chill melodies, AWAY hands us an emotional love song with all the glitchy future beets we can't get enough of ... so good! Treat yourself to something new today, and grab a free download HERE!  


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Look out y'all - this one has me shakin my shoulders around in a feel good sassy way! This only means good things! Our homie and BB boyfriend Sweater Beats has released what I would call ... wondrous future pop perfection.  "Alter ft. R.LUM.R" just dropped via Big Beat and as usual, Sweater Beats has left us with a skip in our walk and a smile on our face. He's meticulously combined that familiar dance pop song structure with bright melodies and lofty vocals from R.LUM.R with all the delicious future feels ... I am a happy girl! We'll be announcing a summer SF show with Sweater Beats soon, so keep a look out for that as well!  


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The love I have for the Autograf boys is like none other.  It's all jokes and good times with these legends, and they are always pitting out the best tracks. We all like to shake our bootys' to all their sweet sweet jams! Tilting towards that deep house vibe they explore every so often, Autograf release a beautiful new dance-pop gem "You Might Be ft. Lils" that's giving me all the feels! With deep bouncy rhythms and sultry vocals, this one is gonna make the top of your weekly playlists.  Just in case you missed it, we also included their remix of "We Are Your Receiver" by Klangstof that came out a few weeks back! Get into this kids! 



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Well, Lido is constantly surprising me ... and after a very stressful day I came home to this! Peter Gabriel is one of my most favorite musicians ever, and Lido's cover of his song "Solsbury Hill" has put me at ease. Lido is just so fucking good! His glitchy future feels version is both innovative and creative filled with light melodies and soulful vibes. I can't get enough!