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This is a littler longer than my usual posts, but I dove deep into the story behind this track and just decided to throw on my aspiring journalist hat for a few minutes. So bare with me kiddos. If you read it all, you deserve a cookie. Let me know...seriously, I'll bake you some.

Albania is a country that receives little recognition this side of the Atlantic, but has spawned some incredible musical talent over the years. Notable recent musicians from Albania or of Albanian descent include Bebe Rexha, Dua Lipa, and Action Bronson. The artist I've chosen to feature today, Era Istrefi is a name most Americans probably haven't heard, but the young Albanian female singer-songwriter has quickly become a small legend in her part of the world. Last year she released a hooky AF sensual pop-EDM number in "Bonbon" which racked up stream counts and video views in the hundreds of millions--and even got remix treatments from the likes of Marshmello and Post Malone. Her latest single"Redrum" once again showcases a voice that carries the sex appeal of Rihanna and Dua Lipa with the mystique and allure of Kiiara and Alunageorge. When you combine that level of vocal prowess and carefully-crafted-to-be-sung-along-to-in-a-club pop songwriting and production, you get the kind of record that has the potential to be a global hit across continents and cultures. 

The producer also deserves equal credit. If you're not in the music industry you may not know his name (if you are I'd be shocked if you don't) but Felix Snow is a legendary producer/writer/industry powerhouse who has his hand in a veritable plethora of endeavors and continues to churn out hit after hit. You've heard his work on songs by Kiiara (one of 2016's biggest hits, Gold"), Gallant, Rita Ora, and Selena Gomez, just to name some of his recent company. Expect to hear more and more of him, whether you know you're listening to him or not.


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Wow I didn't know it until today, but all I want for Christmas is a Big Wild remix of Gallant. That most perfect present has been gift wrapped and delivered under all of our trees today! I mean c'mon with these two names on the same track you know it's going to be special. We posted Manila Killa's mind blowing remix of the Big Wild original "Invincible" recently, but I definitely want to steer you over to the AMAZING music video for the tune as well. Now to this remix, the tune starts with evolving piano chords and a clock "tick tock". Gallant's first verse fades into a buildup that evolves into a glistening chorus with a sweet guitar/bass tone and flashing arps cascading in the background. This is a super fun remix and is putting a big smile on my face. You can stream this on Spotify here


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I had the awesome pleasure of hanging out backstage watching SG Lewis go off a few weeks ago when he was in LA opening for Pete Tong (S/O to Eric Sharp, more about his new single later). When I saw this hit my inbox with a little Gallant feature I knew it was going up on BB. My expectations were high given this collaboration, but it totally lived up to the hype. SG in typical fashion keeps it lively, while still somehow chill af. Gallant with his falsetto and numerous harmonies fits perfectly on top of the smooth piano chords, melodic arps and splashes of funky guitar. The soul is strong with this one, I'm getting chills just thinking about the studio sesh that brought this to life. You can purchase the single on iTunes here


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"Bourbon in my coffee cup," sings Gallant with his characteristically soulful half falsetto half full voice, encapsulated by an 80's esque minimalistic back beat. Gallant has been on a tear since releasing "Weight in Gold" a quick 8 months ago. Bolstered by remix support from dozens and dozens of DJ's we're finally receiving word of his debut album release 'Ology' on April 6th. Marketed with an unhappy face : ( the simple symbols have really characterized Gallant's emotional style of music and his longing vocal performances. Hitting right as we're seeing a massive revival of soul come back into popular culture, Gallant has firmly implanted himself among one of the artists to watch as all of the spring/summer tour and festival announcements are starting to come out. You can see Gallant on tour with his label mate Zhu on the Neon City tour this spring dates listed here.      



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While summer may be winding down, the music of summer continues! We've recruited fellow tastemakers and SoCal legends GRYN to give us their Top 5 Summer Jams. Living up to their name, the guys have made us smile with a great mix of soul, funk, house, deep groovy bumps and daytime splendors. These tasty tunes are the perfect way to get you through this hump day. Listen and Enjoy! Take it away fellas.  

Mark Ronson -  I Can't Lose Ft. Keyone Starr (Pomo Remix)

To us, this remix wholly embodies summer… so it’s the perfect track to kick off our selection. Pomo’s signature funky basslines work too well over Keyone Starr’s powerful vocals. It’s all around such a well-produced, feel-good track.

Cosmo's Midnight - Walk With Me (feat. KUČKA)

This track has been constantly playing whenever we have a minute and decide to trek around LA with friends. The entire thing is one fun and lighthearted groove. Also, this track pairs nicely with a heavy dose of Vitamin D.

Kartell - Attracted

We got our hands on the new Kartell EP just before summer hit, and haven’t been able to stop grooving since. It’s a great track to accompany any summer situation, be it sipping beverages by the pool or getting your boogie on at a rooftop soiree.

Gallant - Weight in Gold (Brasstracks Remix)

This track hits us square in the feels. Every damn time. It felt like everyone and their mothers decided to remix Gallant this summer, but for us, this Brasstracks iteration takes the cake. It’s the perfect transition track between your daytime and nighttime summer escapades.

Thabo Getsome - The Sound (Sacha Robotti's Wobbly Remix)

We’ve been mixing with this Sacha Robotti remix nonstop this summer. This is the track you should throw on once the sun has finally set and you’re ready to spend a balmy night on the town.


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Holy hell it's Hot today in LA, and this FIRE Brasstracks remix is not helping. Ok, I know there's a LOT of Weight in Gold Remixes, but I assure you this is one to listen to. Holy mamma this is baby makin' music at its finest. Just hit play lets get the weekend started! (Drops the mic) 

Disclosure: Brasstracks is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh + Alli Lindsey


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I've been trying to get this one up on Beautiful Buzzz all week - but life is just too crazy and I'm making hella moves so sometimes, something so brilliant and amazingly delicious like this On Planets remix of "Weight In Gold" by Gallant has to wait .... but trust me when I say, this is so worth the wait! On Planets is a shiny new Canadian producer who has currently stole my heart -- I've been lucky enough to hear unreleased tracks that will be hitting your ear holes later this year that are some of the most original sounds I have come across in a minute. And this remix ... sick AF!! Be the first one on your block to know about On Planets, and grab this track as a few download HERE

Disclosure: On Planets is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh + Alli Lindsey