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I am credited with, give or take, 95 digital bylines in the discipline of music. Admittedly, I have glorified music that I don't particularly love. And rarely am I completely awe-struck by a track, especially in the world of electronic music. The artistic tendencies seem to be repetitive, and well, a bit grey. But when LA-based, Dreamers Delight and Austin-based Cloudchord come together...touching, technicolor notes and melodies rise from the ashes to remind me why electronic music is a legendary artistic locus in the entire timeline of art and music. Their co-written track, "Swirls" is a flighty one, warming your senses, dipping you in gold, and most importantly, evoking emotion. It's a live electronic gospel, with structured layers and meditative guitar riffs. Ironically (but probably intentionally), it sounds like the intangible sounds of "swirls-" it almost tickles when you listen. "Swirls" is a trip, and you peak with a sense of euphoria and come down satisfied, taught, and more aware. Dreamers Delight and Cloudchord have created something very special with "Swirls." Get your headphones, or your aux and start streaming today. 



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Some songs grab you on the first listen and others take time to grow on you. For me, this new one by Phiilo definitely falls into the former category, and I’m excited to get to premiere it for you today. The Denver-based live electronic duo is starting to see some tangible success so far in the form of a recent sold-out show supporting Viceroy, a release with MrSuicideSheep that landed on the Spotify Viral charts, and upcoming releases via PRMD Records. 

Their latest “Keep On” is an uplifting soulful future bass groove with all original instrumentation and vocals. The soundscape created isn’t dissimilar from other live electronic acts killing the game now such as Lostboycrow, Opia, or Autograf. Jonny William’s soft weathered vocal trades the spotlight with funky guitar licks, thick synth chords, snappy percussion, and an array of other lush production elements courtesy of Nick Carruth. I’m bumping this one on repeat and I think you will be too after the first play through.


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This is a littler longer than my usual posts, but I dove deep into the story behind this track and just decided to throw on my aspiring journalist hat for a few minutes. So bare with me kiddos. If you read it all, you deserve a cookie. Let me know...seriously, I'll bake you some.

Albania is a country that receives little recognition this side of the Atlantic, but has spawned some incredible musical talent over the years. Notable recent musicians from Albania or of Albanian descent include Bebe Rexha, Dua Lipa, and Action Bronson. The artist I've chosen to feature today, Era Istrefi is a name most Americans probably haven't heard, but the young Albanian female singer-songwriter has quickly become a small legend in her part of the world. Last year she released a hooky AF sensual pop-EDM number in "Bonbon" which racked up stream counts and video views in the hundreds of millions--and even got remix treatments from the likes of Marshmello and Post Malone. Her latest single"Redrum" once again showcases a voice that carries the sex appeal of Rihanna and Dua Lipa with the mystique and allure of Kiiara and Alunageorge. When you combine that level of vocal prowess and carefully-crafted-to-be-sung-along-to-in-a-club pop songwriting and production, you get the kind of record that has the potential to be a global hit across continents and cultures. 

The producer also deserves equal credit. If you're not in the music industry you may not know his name (if you are I'd be shocked if you don't) but Felix Snow is a legendary producer/writer/industry powerhouse who has his hand in a veritable plethora of endeavors and continues to churn out hit after hit. You've heard his work on songs by Kiiara (one of 2016's biggest hits, Gold"), Gallant, Rita Ora, and Selena Gomez, just to name some of his recent company. Expect to hear more and more of him, whether you know you're listening to him or not.


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Driving home in rush hour traffic in LA is the worst, but today it wasn't so bad thanks to Ghosts' remix of Dabin's single "Touch." Featuring the silky vocals of YouTube sensation Daniela Andrade (who is awesome check out her youtube channel here) and a melt in your mouth guitar breakdown that builds into the smoothest of snappy drops. Loving the vibes on this, and I expect we'll be hearing a lot more from all three of these artists in the future. I couldn't find a good picture of the mysterious ghosts so instead I'll support Daniela Andrade.