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Can’t ever get mad at a proper pop song, and our loves Phantoms just dropped the good stuff! This Los Angeles duo is telling a modern day love story … gone are the days of going out to dinner and seeing a movie, home by midnight, etc etc. Nope, these days it’s 3 am text that’s all about where you at? The bars are closed and your friends are heading home, but there might be that e-maintained individual who’s on your mind, and who might be down for late night cuddles … Are You Up? This funky dance track hits the mark for radio ready pop magic as well as bring the heat in the club …. we love everything Phantoms put into the world. You guys can swoop this one HERE!



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New to the music scene, but far from novice, German producer Lavid just stunned critics with his release of "BURN" ft. Klei. Although Lavid is a recent project for producer Emanuel Bender, his previous Alias, Drift Static accumulated over a million plays with his unofficial remixes for Awolnation. In essence, Bender is no stranger to what it means to be at the apex of Hype Machine, and certainly no stranger to success. Lavid, in contrast to Drift Static, takes a more flighty approach towards electronic music. "Burn" is a shimmery. breezy track, with a chopped, rapid build and an unwinding drop. The lyricism teeters on sultry and sensual- a cherry on top of the multifaceted, cool production. Bender's latest vision is coming to fruition with stimulation, and decadence. Stay tuned for what's next from Lavid. 



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Almost exactly one month ago, I wrote a piece on Slander's "Superhuman" ft. Eric Leva. Calling it "a testament to the theory of EDM diversity" while taking careful notice of "the inclusion of subtle, yet striking brass instruments [that] defines 'Superhuman' as its own distinct track." One month, and one day later I am pleased to share with our BB friends, the Paperwings remix of Superhuman. L.A-based producers, a twosome, Paperwings stated that their remix, "is something a little chiller than our other songs." A Soundcloud claim that is definite, but ambiguous regarding key details. But, that's what we're here for. The remix is affably outspoken, distinct from the original track, yet remains respectful and mindful of the OG composition. The dimension added by Paperwings is cheeky and bright, bubbly and friendly- more romance. There is a gentleness added to the flip, an audible representation of a smile. The large, spacey bass structures are still present with a film of higher, more rapid frequencies atop. In and of itself, the remix is cinematic and bold. Check out the vibe! 


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Holy Moly! I always get giddy with excitement when I see two artists I truly love come together to collaborate and boy was I not disappointed with “In My Head”. Virtual Riot produces another great track that brings an instant smile to our face and just feel like dancing without a care in the world. PRXZM adds an ambient spin to the track and of course, the vocals completely complement the chill and fun vibe “In My Head” wants to exude. I hope this is an indication that Virtual Riot and PRXZM will collaborate on many future projects so that we can reap the benefits. Be ready to dance and sing along to “In My Head” because after listening to it once, I am holding my own karaoke jam every time it is bumping through my car’s speakers.


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1DAFUL has come into my life though my relationship with their management!  See, the Apex boys are my boyfriends, which mean all their artists by default are also my boyfriends - funny how it works that way but it just does, I can't help it ..... I'm their trap kween. I'm like an honorary member of the squad, even tho I live in California and I'm a girl - but that's how I roll. Everything about 1DAFUL pretty much sums up my relationship status with Apex Management -  solid structure of heavy bass dance vibes with an abundance of low end, funky melodies to shake that booaty, loads of not taking things too seriously, pure comedy with one million laughs, and more love than you can imagine. They just dropped this rework of "Relax" that is kinda everything right now ... everything!! I heard a rumor that TB1 is going to be in my hood this weekend to hit up our Prince Fox x SteLouse show and I am pretty damn excited  about that tbh! Grab this track as a free download HERE


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It's not a mystery that I have a total fangirl crush on this Denver based producer, I talk about Illenium all the time actually. I think everything he's done in the past few years has been nothing short from brilliant - his songs are so lush and dreamy, I can listen to his originals and remixes on repeat for days!  Today Illenium drops his debut full length album Ashes and we are gushing! With a combination of indie dance, electro pop, future beats and soulful R&B vibes, each track is a little piece of heaven. It's pretty rare that we feature an album, but this one is special and we think everyone should know about this masterpiece! I've picked a few tracks to feature here, but for a limited time you can download Ashes for free HERE


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I'm playing catch up this week, big time! I wish I had all the time in the world to post all the music I want to, but your girl is spread thin ... the struggle! However, this one cannot be overlooked because it's totally discolicious and we neeeeed discolicious in our world!  No strangers to BB - Solidisco drop a new original "Golden ft. AM!R" and it's everything you can expect from these east coast legends!  4 on the floor indie dance fire!  They always smash it! You guys can scoop this one HERE


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OK so y'all - I am so freaking excited for this I can hardly contain myself. THIS is what my 2016 is gonna be all about!  Every year a handful of artists get under my skin and attach themselves to my soul, and WDL is going to sit at the top of that short list of brilliant music makers.  From the first time I heard WLD a few years back I knew we were meant for each other!  Yesterday he released his second track "Hurricane Highlife ft. Mawe" from forthcoming album No Wings Airline and I am more in love with WDL than I've ever been. This is sonic heaven, electronic dance pop with serious feels of epic proportions - it's so good I am sorta lost for words.  I've been lucky enough to get a preview of the new album, and it's everything ...... so guys ..... listen and love!