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Breathing a vibrant sort of life into the Milwaukee music scene, Chris Siegel delivers his feel-good, summertime joint, “Week 1.” Unapologetically optimistic, Siegel’s freshest cut is distinctly genreless. A poignant instrumental with hip hop breaks and synth-pop aromas, “Week 1” challenges the M.O of contemporary electronic production. Bubbly percussive elements tumble through shimmering digital soundscapes curating an outline of neon resonance. Rich with spirit and embrace, “Week 1” is the lively melting pot of sounds you need to hear.



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Ghasper is a name familiar to many in the electronic music space, particularly among fans of intricate instrumental production and forward-thinking sound design. He just released his debut EP Mima which I listened to all the way through twice on my flight to New York last week, and let me tell you—it is excellent. With eight regular tracks and six bonus tracks, it's really more of an LP, and I'm not complaining.

While it’s difficult to pick a stand-out track, “Luvn U” is one that stuck out for a couple reasons. Percussively, Ghasper utilizes unique rhythmic patterns and sounds that surprise and delight. He allows each primary instrument to feature the melody at different points in the song. Sometimes it’s the chopped vocals, other times it’s the massive side-chained synthesizers, and at times it’s what sounds like a malleted percussion instrument. Each instrument tells its own story, and they work together gorgeously. Do yourself a favor and peep the whole Mima project on Spotify and revel in the talent that is Ghasper.