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Recently I have been obsessed with this young artist Karma Fields. A friend of mine sent over some tracks and video clips a few months back - and I pretty much fell head over heals. Karma Fields has a vision, and it's pretty amazing!  His dark electro dance beats are oozing with ridiculous feels, I am 100% hooked. His live performance consists of a hexagon of visual mapping that turns into a 360 degree experience, it's beautifully nuts! Today he released a new EP with two delicious tracks that must be heard back to back!  We may or may not have some very cool news to tell you about Karma Fields next week ... you should check back in with us to find out.  Swooning!  



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Ghasper is a name familiar to many in the electronic music space, particularly among fans of intricate instrumental production and forward-thinking sound design. He just released his debut EP Mima which I listened to all the way through twice on my flight to New York last week, and let me tell you—it is excellent. With eight regular tracks and six bonus tracks, it's really more of an LP, and I'm not complaining.

While it’s difficult to pick a stand-out track, “Luvn U” is one that stuck out for a couple reasons. Percussively, Ghasper utilizes unique rhythmic patterns and sounds that surprise and delight. He allows each primary instrument to feature the melody at different points in the song. Sometimes it’s the chopped vocals, other times it’s the massive side-chained synthesizers, and at times it’s what sounds like a malleted percussion instrument. Each instrument tells its own story, and they work together gorgeously. Do yourself a favor and peep the whole Mima project on Spotify and revel in the talent that is Ghasper.



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The Foreign Family Collective's 24th release comes from Brooklyn solo artist White Cliffs. White Cliffs recently released a double single "Heart Start/ On Call" and announced exciting news for music fans that he'll soon be touring with Big Wild. Self proclaimed "music chef" Rafe Cohan is cooking some saucy jams for your face. Featuring a blend of instruments and synth to provide organic and electric sounds topped with vocals. This fresh approach brings the heat to the kitchen and the dance floor. 



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Seriously tho - Brasstracks are untouchable.  It's not very often that we cover EP's - we like to focus on one track at a time .... but this new EP from our dynamic duo loves is just so fucking good .... I just can't not NOT talk abut the whole damn thing! For Those Who Know Pt. I is sonic heaven. Mixing Funk, Jazz, Hip-hop, Dance, Electronic, R&B, Future, Pop, and all the other rad feels you can think of - this EP is pure fire! We keep blasting it in the office/club here at Mezzanine, and I'm working hard on getting them on their first Beautiful Buzzz show! The two tracks I chose to feature are "Improve #1 (Intro) ft. The Underachievers & Robert Glasper" and "Opposite Ways ft. Fatherdude & S'natra" because .... everyone needs a little of Fatherdude's sexy soulful voice in their lives, we love him!  If you like what your hearing, you need to check out the entire EP HERE! Swooning! Brasstracks will you marry me? 

Disclosure: Brasstracks is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh + Alli Lindsey



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It might be cold, rainy and damp in LA right now, but I know it's bright and sunny in the land down under, home to this sunshine struck producer POOLCLVB. Celebrating the release of his beach friendly 'You + Me' EP I'm excited to show you this groovy record "Waiting For You." Bouncy light synths mull around with exceptional precision providing the groundwork for the mellow vocals from Carl Fox (½ of porches). Definitely check out the rest of the 'You + Me' EP for more cabana ready tunes. You can stream this on Spotify from etcetc records here.



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If you haven't been following the Mark Johns saga developing over the last year then you need to catch up quick. This talented singer/songwriter has been developing her sound through break out hits with the likes of Alexander Lewis & Brasstracks in "5 South," the amazing "Imposter" with Bearson, and an awesome Amy Winehouse cover of "Rehab," which have all led to her being the first vocalist signed to Skrillex's label OWSLA. Flash forward, we're stoked to see the announcement of the Molino EP due 10/28 along with a taste of what's to come in these two gems "Before You" and "Molino." Now before you throw up your trap arms from what you would normally expect from an OWSLA record, Mark Johns is setting a completely different tone. As a bold and possibly a stroke of genius move, she wanted a raw and impactful type of EP to be her debut; exposing her emotional inner artist before she evolves and progresses. Both singles draw from the rough experiences she went through after she first moved to LA. Drawing from that emotional time in her life, the lyrics and melodies draw us close to her sensitivities in a way that is wholly endearing. It takes real guts to come right out of the gates with records like these, and it definitely shows off the maturity she already has as a young artist. Mark Johns is showing us that you don't have to shove down the door to the music industry with guns a-blazing to break through. Instead, success can come from politely strolling in and putting your heart on the line. You can download and watch the music videos for these two songs at her website


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Fresh on the heels of the creation of her very own label Feed Me Disco, Eau Claire wows with debut EP "All the Wonder". The first and signature track of the EP features for the first time Eau Claire's own vocals laid over keyboard reminiscent of all those tracks that made you first fall in love with house music. The EP's second track "Room" follows up with a one-two combo from DC's own Camille Michelle Gray and Cautious Clay, providing vocal support and a saxophone solo respectively. Following the EP release, Eau Claire will make her way down the Eastern Seaboard on tour at the end of September and into October. Between shows and future releases through Feed Me Disco, as well as 3 years of experience under her belt, you better believe Eau Claire is a force to be reckoned with.

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Jesse Clasen and Jacob Michael better know as their dropbox project Foreign Air have put together a string of great releases beginning almost a year ago with the fantastic single "Free Animal." Flash forward to now, the duo has released their debut 'For The Light' EP today featuring the other singles "In The Shadows," "Echo," and most recently "Better For It." This single starts simply with piano, but evolves into a well produced indie pop tune with an exotic quality to it. The soundscape is lush and complex while still smooth to the core. This is an excellent book end to a break out year for the guys. SF you can catch Foreign Air at the Fillmore 11/25 and LA you can see them as part of the Red Bull Sound Select series at the Fonda 11/27 and 11/28 with Aurora and Oyster Kids. More details at their Facebook page.