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If you haven't been following the Mark Johns saga developing over the last year then you need to catch up quick. This talented singer/songwriter has been developing her sound through break out hits with the likes of Alexander Lewis & Brasstracks in "5 South," the amazing "Imposter" with Bearson, and an awesome Amy Winehouse cover of "Rehab," which have all led to her being the first vocalist signed to Skrillex's label OWSLA. Flash forward, we're stoked to see the announcement of the Molino EP due 10/28 along with a taste of what's to come in these two gems "Before You" and "Molino." Now before you throw up your trap arms from what you would normally expect from an OWSLA record, Mark Johns is setting a completely different tone. As a bold and possibly a stroke of genius move, she wanted a raw and impactful type of EP to be her debut; exposing her emotional inner artist before she evolves and progresses. Both singles draw from the rough experiences she went through after she first moved to LA. Drawing from that emotional time in her life, the lyrics and melodies draw us close to her sensitivities in a way that is wholly endearing. It takes real guts to come right out of the gates with records like these, and it definitely shows off the maturity she already has as a young artist. Mark Johns is showing us that you don't have to shove down the door to the music industry with guns a-blazing to break through. Instead, success can come from politely strolling in and putting your heart on the line. You can download and watch the music videos for these two songs at her website