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Today, I'm in a mood. I've been having to deal with some pretty stupid nonsense and I'm kinda just over it!  Good thing I can throw on my headphones and blast this new Gramatik & Kotek jam because it's giving me that energy to give everyone a double middle finger - both hands yo! "Vitalik Buterin" has a bouncy aggressive vibe mixed in with that jazz infused jam-tronica funk and almost industrial undertones ... as if to say I give zero fucks! It's refreshing and I want to twirl around the room while headbanging! It's only Tuesday ... but we'll make it through! 



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Taking the entire music industry by storm with an allusive swagger, ilo ilo returns from the shadows with their latest single, “roll” boasting the crisp, feminine vocals of Cara Bishop- lead vocalist of Austin’s sibling trio The Bishops. After receiving a cryptic message from the mysterious electronic ensemble, and embarking on a 48 hour scavenger hunt around New York City, Instagram user cjohnson1992 documented his exploration around the Big Apple as he discovered clues that would apparently lead him to a final resting place of artistic revelation. After 2 days running around New York City in a Black Mirror-esque fashion, the handsome Instagram user stumbled upon a USB that held ilo ilo’s digitally suave, robust single, “roll.” Leaving the pressure of the offical release on the NYC resident, the intentionally leaked track is a cosmic fusion of digital sounds and feminine prowess. Rising tides of algorithmic production dive into a bass-centric atmosphere radiating a uniqueness defined only by ilo ilo. These pioneers of electronic music leave us with one daunting question- who is ilo ilo? Join us as we become moving parts in their continuous riddle, bound by the mystic creation of music.



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“Future funk” producer Jenaux and Bryce Fox are a match made in electronic collaborator heaven on “Sentiments”. Fox’s bright yet soulful, gritty vocals are a perfect complement to the dense combination of deep-grooving synths, piano hits, guitar licks and drums. I never really imagined blending funk vibes with the builds and drops of future/EDM, but Jenaux proves that with the right swung rhythms on your sidechains and vocal chops you can induce a fun “funk face” in your listeners and get them bobbing their heads. 

Jenaux is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Alli Lindsey.



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We’re big fans of Phil Good here at Beautiful Buzzz. Just click his name in the tags section at the bottom of this post to see all the times we’ve raved about him. This latest one is definitely one of my favorites so far. On top of just being a really rad, moving, emotional piece, it has these epic choral backing vocals that come in during the climactic moments of the chorus and lift the song to such an impactful level (presumably just Phil tweaking his own vocals to sound like a choir supporting him). Somebody please let me know when I can see Phil Good live in LA, because I’ll 100% be there.

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Dude this new one from RKCB is just bonkers in a good way. It starts with a fat horn synth sound that just blasts away immediately with a funky bass line underneath that sweeps you off your feet from the second you hit play. By the time the vocals come in you're immediately in a tense form of anticipation wondering where the hell else is this track going?? It maintains this precarious equilibrium of funky bliss throughout with smatterings of shiny pads and glitchy patches flashing in and out. We at BB were already fans of RKCB, but new tracks like this remind us why. Add this on Spotify here.  


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Wow I didn't know it until today, but all I want for Christmas is a Big Wild remix of Gallant. That most perfect present has been gift wrapped and delivered under all of our trees today! I mean c'mon with these two names on the same track you know it's going to be special. We posted Manila Killa's mind blowing remix of the Big Wild original "Invincible" recently, but I definitely want to steer you over to the AMAZING music video for the tune as well. Now to this remix, the tune starts with evolving piano chords and a clock "tick tock". Gallant's first verse fades into a buildup that evolves into a glistening chorus with a sweet guitar/bass tone and flashing arps cascading in the background. This is a super fun remix and is putting a big smile on my face. You can stream this on Spotify here


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Crywolf is at it again! Last month, we received the first original single from the LA post-EDM artist in the form of "Quantum Immortality", which we loved! While "Quantum Immortality" was a bit of a departure for him, being a more standardized song structure, "Windswept" brings us back to where we fell in love with his debut LP Cataclasm. He likens the track to his childhood love for Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody":

"Ever since I heard Bohemian Rhapsody as a kid, I’ve loved music that abandons typical verse/chorus structures in favor of movements — like the modern equivalent of a symphony."

"Windswept" follows in this suit, ebbing and flowing instead of hooking and repeating. If these last two masterpieces are any indicator of the quality of his forthcoming EP, we're in for a serious treat.


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I often talk about the love between me and this yung Norwegian producer ... like our story is one that no one else has ... but then I realize Jerry Folk is the kind of guy who spreads his love around. He keeps releasing one fantastic track after another, and at one time I thought they were all for me, but they're not ... they are actually all for you! He takes pride on making all of us swoon with his sweet jams, and once you think he's done ... he keeps coming back for more, sucking us into his web of awesomeness, making us feel like we are the only one who matters. Sigh .... Jerry Folk is breaking my heart today with his beautifully sad remix of "Six Feet Under" by Billie Eilish. It's his first remix released in almost a year and I love love love it!  Get ready to feel something! 


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If you haven't been following the Mark Johns saga developing over the last year then you need to catch up quick. This talented singer/songwriter has been developing her sound through break out hits with the likes of Alexander Lewis & Brasstracks in "5 South," the amazing "Imposter" with Bearson, and an awesome Amy Winehouse cover of "Rehab," which have all led to her being the first vocalist signed to Skrillex's label OWSLA. Flash forward, we're stoked to see the announcement of the Molino EP due 10/28 along with a taste of what's to come in these two gems "Before You" and "Molino." Now before you throw up your trap arms from what you would normally expect from an OWSLA record, Mark Johns is setting a completely different tone. As a bold and possibly a stroke of genius move, she wanted a raw and impactful type of EP to be her debut; exposing her emotional inner artist before she evolves and progresses. Both singles draw from the rough experiences she went through after she first moved to LA. Drawing from that emotional time in her life, the lyrics and melodies draw us close to her sensitivities in a way that is wholly endearing. It takes real guts to come right out of the gates with records like these, and it definitely shows off the maturity she already has as a young artist. Mark Johns is showing us that you don't have to shove down the door to the music industry with guns a-blazing to break through. Instead, success can come from politely strolling in and putting your heart on the line. You can download and watch the music videos for these two songs at her website