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Taking the entire music industry by storm with an allusive swagger, ilo ilo returns from the shadows with their latest single, “roll” boasting the crisp, feminine vocals of Cara Bishop- lead vocalist of Austin’s sibling trio The Bishops. After receiving a cryptic message from the mysterious electronic ensemble, and embarking on a 48 hour scavenger hunt around New York City, Instagram user cjohnson1992 documented his exploration around the Big Apple as he discovered clues that would apparently lead him to a final resting place of artistic revelation. After 2 days running around New York City in a Black Mirror-esque fashion, the handsome Instagram user stumbled upon a USB that held ilo ilo’s digitally suave, robust single, “roll.” Leaving the pressure of the offical release on the NYC resident, the intentionally leaked track is a cosmic fusion of digital sounds and feminine prowess. Rising tides of algorithmic production dive into a bass-centric atmosphere radiating a uniqueness defined only by ilo ilo. These pioneers of electronic music leave us with one daunting question- who is ilo ilo? Join us as we become moving parts in their continuous riddle, bound by the mystic creation of music.