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Our boy Mahalo is back with another whoop whoop techno meets nu-disco track out on the quickly becoming our favorite label LAMP. "Midnight Delight" is a super fitting name for a track like this that just grooves and pushes forward with ease, fitting for a after hours drive through the city. It features a simple funky lead melody and guitar line accented by snappy percussion and moving bass that's so mesmerizing we lose track of time. Free download baby so nab that tune right here.


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Happy Friday! With the new James Bond movie coming out today, I've got a fantastic brand new tune for you that would fit perfectly at even the classiest of Bond events. Get your martini ready and hit play with this awesome chill house jam by Jamie Prado. It starts with a silky smooth lounge piano intro, and then launches us into a beat with a super sexy sax top line. The vocal sample comes in and brings us to the chilled out dance portion of the track. Perfect for dancing without sweating, this track is class and it's brought to us by the growing class act label in LA LAMP. Click the soundcloud link and grab this Free Download! 


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Yeaaassss!! Our buds over at LA based label LAMP have a new artist that we kinda just fell in love with!!  Leo Islo comes from Portland, and his electro pop sound is super dreamy!!  LAMP is really on the cutting edge of the next generation of up-and-coming producers, their roster is bananas and the addition of Leo Islo is a perfect fit!  This new original track "Feelings" is the beez kneez, and you can swoop this one as a free download!  


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Some people say you don't have to go far from home to find what you love - when it comes to music I've always thought Australia is where my heart belongs, which is pretty far.  This morning however, it seems I have found something shiny and new in my own backyard! Sleepy Cat is a young producer from Los Angeles - who happens to be is a bay area native (because eventually, everyone moves to Los Angeles).  Today Sleepy Cat releases his new track "On & On" via LAMP, and I'm here to say that it's 100 percent delicious!  I don't know about you guys, but this dose of deep house is the perfect thing to start of your day.  We've got the premier, and now you get that free download!  Get on it!