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I'm having one of those mornings where I am needing all the best vibes, because waking up is hard sometimes and facing my super insane work day is gonna take an extra cup of coffee and the most viby jam I can muster up for a premiere! Found it! Bay Area producer Justice Skolink holds the golden ticket with his rad remix of "You're On" by Madeon. This yung up-and-comer has been on our radar quite a bit ... we always like what we hear and with this next dance track we promise you'll become a super fan.  His thick synthy future melodies under glassy R&B vocals and groovy beats are everything!! If this one doesn't get you moving, then check your pulse because you might be dead. Swoop this one as a free download HERE!   



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Chicago has been quite a hub for emerging electronic music artists over the past few years, we have no shortage of very young and extremely talented producers making big moves in the midwest ... a far departure from our buzzing EDM capital Los Angeles.  Our next Buzzzmix features one of these fresh faces and he's coming out strong with this one ... damn son! Mielo is bringing big bass vibes and future feels - this is a beast of a mix that is guaranteed to get you bouncing around and throwing those feel good trap arms! Mielo is just starting to hit the radar of A list artists and industry tastemakers, and I have a feeling that in 2017 we are going to see great things from this youngster.  You can download Buzzzmix Vol. 37 - Mielo HERE

Mielo & Ieuan - Pretty When U Cry
Shlump - FUNK (Beat-Box)
Excision - Drowning (Feat. Akylla)
UZ & ATLiens - Cavern (UNKWN Remix)
THEY. - Deep End (Tarro Remix)
Two Feet - Go Fuck Yourself
Point Point - Power
Taska Black - Leave Me
Chance The Rapper - Angels (Feat. Saba)
Huntar - 4AM (K?D Remix)
Mija & Vindata - Better (Favulous Vision)
Madeon - Innocence (Xavi Remix)


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I had the pleasure of seeing Madeon and Porter Robinson perform together last week, and damnn it was a fun ride. Seeing those two (still young) legends go toe-to-toe playing all of their hits together was a total treat! We know these guys still have a long and prosperous career ahead of them, but it was good to reflect back on their meteoric rises along with the tsunami that is dance music. Mat Zo is also legendary in his own right. These three names are honestly ones that have continually inspired me in dance music, and the hits keep coming. Mat Zo crushed this remix of "Shelter" per usual, and it makes me super happy to bring it to your ears. Dive into this one folks. You can also stream this on youtube here


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Dillon Francis, you have brought a mountain of amusement to my young life that will never be matched. It's not necessarily just your music that speaks to me (even tho it's good too) it's the whole package. The way you have dominated social media and the interweb, well it's impressive and I completely respect and admire the work you have done!  And you're hot! Everyone needs a little Dillon Francis in their lives, so on this day of rest let's give props to the media king and get into this remix of "Imperium" by Madeon. 


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Here is a pretty thing! This young Texan is coming at us from nowhere - and I like it. I came across this track because SYRE shared this on his soundcloud feed!  Thanks - I'll take it! Daydreamer puts his spin on "Innocence ft. Aquilo" and it's so good - on a epic feels scale it's a 10 for sure!  Daydreamer definitely makes me want to daydream, I could get lost in these synthy beats for days!  You can download this track HERE for free!  


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Soundcloud is such a great way to get exposed to new music, and lately we have noticed that our feed is being filled with all sorts of people sharing tracks.  99% of these people who are sharing are actually artists, reposting their label mates, or their homies, or just stuff they are listening to that they found on Soundcloud.  So, we decided to make THE VIBE GUIDE - a weekly installment on Beautiful Buzzz where you can check out what producers, music enthusiast and taste makers want you to hear!  Enjoy!