Melodic Trap


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I can't think of a better way of waking up in the morning -- rolling out of bed and seeing a new Moving Castle release! Our favorite little label never disappoints. Bonus time - I get to premiere this bad boy today ... and its everything! Literally! "Everything ft. Ria" is the latest release from rising star Rusty Hook whom we've been pretty excited about lately, and this French producer is bringing heat. With bouncy melodies and melodic future beats Rusty Hook turns the volume to 10 for all the fantastic chair dancing feels. I'm currently alone in my office throwing trap arms - if my staff could only see me now! This is the second single off his EP Romance Is Dead, Good Riddance that comes out NOV 16th. So excited to see what's next from this legend! You can buy/stream this new track HERE

Disclosure: Rusty Hook is promoted by Beautiful Buzzz writer Lindsey Oh + Alli Lindsey



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This one is a hangover release from lovebird day last Tuesday, but damn TastyTreat crushed it with their newest release "Fallin' In Love". I love how this tune is a perfect concoction of future bass goodness with that layer of <3 for your bae. Love transcends all, and especially in these trying times we need to focus on things that we can control. Let's celebrate the beauty of finding joy in one another and use this sick tune from Tasty Treat as the soundtrack. You can also download this for free right here or listen on Spotify here.


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So, I'm having one of those weeks - the kind when you just want to go home and get into bed - putting all your frustrations and mistakes behind the negative vibe ... because tomorrow is another day! Good thing my friend Illenium slid into my DMs with his new track "Fractures ft. Nevve" - it's been a bright spot within this gloomy rainy week. As usual Illenium brings all the sweetness with his signature melodic trap sound - his future feels are on point, and this lively new track is giving me the warm and fuzzies. Delicious! Stream/Buy this bad boy HERE!


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Los dos amigos are back! Oh wait can I speak spanish in Trump America? Oops sorry for getting political for a second, lets get musical. The Killers 'Hot Fuzz' LP was one of the first albums I literally played to death. I had it in my cd player back in the day and would wake up to it before school every morning. Not to mention Mr. Brightside is a longstanding hit that's going to span generations. Well Two Friends have taken to remixing this classic and prepped it for 2016 dance floors. I would love to see this track in a set, it's starts much like the original then forms and molds into a future bass dance floor banger that's heating up the BB office right now. I hear rumors of some new singles and an EP on the horizon from this camp. More info on that later, right now lets boogie to a classic.    


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California producer Xan Griffin just joined forces with vocalist Anuka to release his first original track. The self described Gemini stays true to himself and delivers some moody goodness, bringing the listener along for an emotional ride, with Anuka's vocals blazing a melodic trail ahead. The release of an original composition of this calibre displays a capability to step up and evolve past the initial stages of big-room remixes and define his own space within the genre.


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It's been a wild Tuesday morning - I'm always surprised how intense running this blog can be ... I mean it's just a boutique electronic music blog where only a few posts a day go up! Let me tell you tho ... shit can get real and the battle for posts is fierce. This new Mt Eden remix of "Everyday" by Rusko is also fierce, and I've been trying to get it up for days but I've been losing the battle.  Not today - this one has all the feels I am looking with that deep melodic trap vibe - they nailed it! You can swoop a free download HERE!  


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Let us introduce you to the mysterious LA based Snugs! We don't know much about the group at this point other than the fact that they have put a killer rework to NGHTMRE's "Holdin' On To Me." The track is smooth, yet perky and groovy with splashes of ambient synthetic textures and sounds, bobbing sub bass, vocal blips and chops all wrapped up with bell plucks and claps. According to the group, they chose NGHTMRE's song to rework from the melancholy tone of the vocals, a voice that sounded like it need a hug and Snugs is right there waiting to rush in.